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But Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan Didn’t See Any Discrimination


In case you missed our update yesterday, Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan vetoed a workplace/housing/education discrimination bill the Assembly passed one yea shy of a veto-proof vote. How come? Because Sullivan, who took over the job in July, doesn’t think there’s enough evidence to know such discrimination exists. (Please, raise your hand if you know the mayor is full of shit.) His office was flooded with calls and emails, the majority asking the mayor to spike the bill. Did we mention Anchorage’s Christian class — spearheaded by Anchorage Baptist Temple leader Jerry Prevo — led the opposition?

The news was met with uproar (from the gays) and applause (from religious conservatives). And then came the protesters in downtown Anchorage. Some excellent photos here.

But here’s what we find most interesting: “Mr. Sullivan’s father, George Sullivan, who also served as mayor, vetoed an initial proposal in 1976. Then, as now, the ordinance met with vocal opposition among Christian conservatives.”

Like father, like son, like holy spirit.

Here’s Prevo preachin’ it in June. This man supposedly represents God’s will:

The one glimmer of hope Assemblywoman Debbie Ossiander, who voted against the bill, but seems to be on the fence still. If she voted for the bill, it would tip the tally to eight votes, killing Sullivan’s veto.

Also good News: At least Bowling Green, Ohio, managed to OK an anti-discrimination bill.