But Can Anyone Really Replace Jay Manuel?

There’s an email circulating around town which suggests Jay Manuel and his miraculous hair may be leaving America’s Next Top Model. Either that or network executives are offering viewers double the faggy fun.

A source close to the Tyra Banks-hosted beauty contest sent out a memo looking for a Manuel-esque, amiable, “honest” art director. Hmm, could it be that Manuel – who also produced ANTM – has decided to put all of his energies into hosting the show’s Canadian counterpart? Or perhaps he’s spending more time offering the lonely hearts at Match.com a little love advice?

Of course, Manuel may also just want to spend more time with his boyfriend, who he allegedly once described to Elle Girl as a “rock hard top”. Ewwww

(PS: We have searched high and low for that Elle Girl interview, but to no avail. Gay gold star to the reader who produces the revolting text.)