But Can Anyone Really Replace Jay Manuel?

There’s an email circulating around town which suggests Jay Manuel and his miraculous hair may be leaving America’s Next Top Model. Either that or network executives are offering viewers double the faggy fun.

A source close to the Tyra Banks-hosted beauty contest sent out a memo looking for a Manuel-esque, amiable, “honest” art director. Hmm, could it be that Manuel – who also produced ANTM – has decided to put all of his energies into hosting the show’s Canadian counterpart? Or perhaps he’s spending more time offering the lonely hearts at Match.com a little love advice?

Of course, Manuel may also just want to spend more time with his boyfriend, who he allegedly once described to Elle Girl as a “rock hard top”. Ewwww

(PS: We have searched high and low for that Elle Girl interview, but to no avail. Gay gold star to the reader who produces the revolting text.)

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  • HL

    I love Jay’s bizarro silver platinum hair.

  • Frozen North

    Revolting? ‘Cause his BF is a “rock hard top”?

    Jealous much?

  • Matt

    What’s revolting is that a good top has such awful taste. Look at that photo…he’s got George Hamilton hands. I give him five more years before he prunes out.

  • Paul Raposo

    These prissy lads are always pigs in bed. He probably keeps his poor BF up for hours, having him put the blocks to his undoubtedly waxed and bleached fire hole.

  • Mr. B

    LOL, Paul! Truer words could not be spoken. Even if I did find Jay remotely attractive (on what planet??), I don’t think I could ever tolerate that VOICE. He sounds like Grandma in the beauty shop after a pack a day for fifty years. I was shocked to find out the tired queen is only two years older than I am.

    Wait…wasn’t ElleGIRL a TEEN magazine? What business does a grown man have talking about the hardness of his boyfriend’s penis (and his preferred position) in an article marketed to underage kids? (For that matter, why the hell did ElleGIRL run it?) Classy.

  • stony_curtis

    Miss Jay Manuel is a fierce bitch, and I did hear that since everyone asked (Linda Evangelista, Trish Helfer) said ‘no thanks’ to the Canadian show, that he might be devoting more time to it.

    I just wish Miss Jay would tame down her hair–a nice soft hay-field blond, perhaps, and the skin, cafe au lait instead of beef consomme, and the entire look would be softer, kinder, gentler, and not so harsh and hard-edged looking…

  • Frozen North

    Man! You Bitches are tough. I don’t see anything wrong with Jay. He’s not my cup of tea at all, but I don’t expect everyone to conform to my expectations. Frankly, I just don’t need to be attracted to every male on the planet. And yes, I wouldn’t necessarily make the same style decision he does, but hey, different strokes, non?

  • Paul Raposo

    Frozen North, I didn’t say he was ugly. I just meant he’s probably a high maintenace BF and it would be death trying to satiate him in the sack–but what a way to go 8^)

  • yidan

    i think jay manuel is hot.too bad he’s gay.what a waste!but there’s something hard about his personality that i dont like


  • Calvaria

    Can we please stop the bigotry. What is up will all this internalized homophobia lately. Are you all so terrified that you might resemble a gay man like J? The fact of the matter is he looks, acts, walks and talks the way he does, and there is nothing wrong with that. What you guys (and what many gays are seemingly guilty of lately) are guilty of is no different than homophobia. Simply because a gay man doesn’t subscribe to your standard of masculinity does not make him revolting or subhuman. You should be careful with your comments, its no different than when straights ridicule us and say we chose to be gay, when we all know we didn’t. I’m sure J Manual is being himself, and that for me is good enough.

  • scott ny'er (formerly scott)

    whoa. how old is this post?

    i am in awe that Jay’s hair has not fallen out and he is still able to maintain his Platinum goddess like locks.

  • lisa

    I love Jay….He is so adorable…I love to watch him on america next top model

  • Jason

    Come on … Jay Manuel is NASTY!

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