you're to blame

But Gay Activists Forced Texas GOP to Lash Out Against Queers!

Melinda Fredricks, the vice chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party, explains the state GOP’s platform — which wants to re-criminalize sodomy and keep gay marriage dead forever — this way: It’s your fault.

“People feel threatened that their children have to be taught that it’s an equal lifestyle to heterosexuality,” says Fredricks, adding this aside for good measure: “At the same time, you can’t say people are subhuman. [Gays] still deserve the dignity entitled to them.”

See, if you didn’t try and shove your “lifestyle” down the throats of school children and parents, there wouldn’t be any need for Republicans to on the offensive to try to legislate what you do in the bedroom. It’s like, God, how many times do they have to explain it to you?
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