you're to blame

But Gay Activists Forced Texas GOP to Lash Out Against Queers!

Melinda Fredricks, the vice chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party, explains the state GOP’s platform — which wants to re-criminalize sodomy and keep gay marriage dead forever — this way: It’s your fault.

“People feel threatened that their children have to be taught that it’s an equal lifestyle to heterosexuality,” says Fredricks, adding this aside for good measure: “At the same time, you can’t say people are subhuman. [Gays] still deserve the dignity entitled to them.”

See, if you didn’t try and shove your “lifestyle” down the throats of school children and parents, there wouldn’t be any need for Republicans to on the offensive to try to legislate what you do in the bedroom. It’s like, God, how many times do they have to explain it to you?
[The Courier, Wonk Room]

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  • Gobear

    Melinda, darlin’, the only throat I shove my gay lifestyle down is my boyfriend’s. And do you really think the measure of a relationship is “what you do in the bedroom”? Sugar, you have been cheated.

    My gay lifestyle is paying bills, taking the cat to the vet, snuggling with my guy on a rainy Sunday morning, going on vacations, Sunday dinners with the family, buying groceries, going to work. The only difference between my life and that of any given heterosexual is that my spouse and I are the same gender.

  • L.

    So – gay people = non-gay people, but gay lifestyles != non-gay lifestyles?

    I’m guessing she did not major in Algebra.

  • Cam

    Why can’t the bigots just come out and say what they really mean. “We don’t want you to exist. If you have to exist, you must hide your disgusting selves and not let anybody know you exist.”

    Give me a break, by her logic, Matthew Sheppard was at fault in his abuse because he shouldn’t have let people know he was gay.

    Sorry sweety, but you can’t say people deserve dignity and then say that nobody should be allowed to know they exist. Go back to ironing your Klan hood.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    In her most recent past-life, Melinda shouted “Zeich Heil!” even though the Jewish shop had the best tasting deli meats, but it was sooo, you know, Jewish.

    In her life before Hilter Youth Brigade, Melinda dutifully bleached and ironed her husbands KKK gowns, making sure he was as white as he could be.

  • JT

    That’s the same logic that abusive spouses use. “I don’t want to hit you, but you made me.” I still find it amazing that the government and courts don’t see us as a suspect class with such blatant evidence abounding.


    Dear Melinda Fredricks, How many times has your husband shoved his cock down your vile miserable throat you hatefull crunt??? Because guess what??? You are sodomites, guilty of sodomy!!! Yes you too are evil, just like us godless fags!! Stupid vile crunt and her miserable like minded scumbags, so blindly hate all things Gay they don’t even realize what they are endorsing……..

    Ya know the saying “carefull for what you wish for”???? I hope to high hell they pass that plank and it becomes law and this vile crunt and all the wicked minions like her suddenly become felons while giving their 300 pound husbands sloppy tooth filled blowjobs…….

  • Vman455

    Yes, heaven forbid we teach children to be tolerant of those who are not like themselves. Because, you know, if we have a tolerant society then the terrorists win! And Jesus will cry.

  • menlo

    I am a long time Texan, and I am becoming increasingly frightened as to what the Republicans may do if allowed to carry out their plans unfettered. This latest screed comes awfully close to calling for an open season on the Gays much like the Nazis did against the Jews in the thirties. And yes, it basically refers to homosexuals as subhuman animals regardless of what this bitch says.

  • Devon

    Texas: Where brain cells go to die.

  • michael

    I love in Dallas and I truly love my city and this really saddens me. This is yet another reason why we must elect Bill White for governor although the chances of that are slim to none. Le sigh.

  • Dan

    Since the Texas GOP voted to violate the human rights of millions of gay children as part of their official platform, GOP now means Group Of Pedophiles (they apparently want to re-criminalize gay sodomy, just like the Roman Catholic hierarchy, to keep their victims from coming forward to report them). They are evil.

  • Scot

    texas, the same state that believes in the execution of mentally retarded inmates, rejected over 500 million in federal assistance for the unemployed, and supports texas schools teaching creationism and “intelligent design” over the theory of Evolution.
    I wonder how many billions of federal dollars these assholes get.
    I’m so glad I left there.

  • sam

    LOL, she takes God’s name in vain.

  • Ogre Magi

    What an Ugly Cunt!

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