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  • Andreusz

    By acting?

  • real question

    But How Will Ricky Martin Overcome His Homosexuality to Play HOMOPHOBIC Guy Che In Evita?

  • Che's homophobia

    Che played a principal role in setting up Cuba’s first labor camp in the Guanahacabibes region in western Cuba in 1960-1961, to confine people who had committed no crime punishable by law, revolutionary or otherwise.

    Che’s homophobia is expressed in the poster placed at the entrance to the forced labor camp, where homosexuals were confined, which read: “The work will make you men”‘, replica of the slogan “The work will make you free” used in the Nazi concentration camps. It intended to correct the homosexual behavior applying rigorous punishments with the intention of modifying this social deviation, which does not constitute a crime punishable by law.

  • Joey O'H

    I’m sure Martin will overcome “it” by “acting.” What a ridiculous article!

  • Alexa

    I hope the headline was sarcasm. Sometimes it’s hard to tell here.

  • joe

    What else is the poor guy going to play?
    The house keeper in the reival of the Bird Cage?
    Good for Him, Looking forward to it. Gives him to use his talents of singing and dancing.
    OMG, Lady Gaga as Evita!….I just did a little in my pants!

  • Marc

    @joe: Poor guy???

  • joe

    I didn’t mean it in the financial sense, what I meant was,
    No matter what Ricky now attempts in his lately lack luster career. He’ll be forever scrutinized.
    Im pretty sure he can break the bank with his boy band money and solo career. Im still moist over the thought of Lady Gaga…LOL

  • Andreusz

    Che in Evita =/= Che Guevara. ‘Che’ in South America is a common nickname for any Argentinian, like calling a Scot Jock.

  • Che

    Evita is a musical production, with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice. Rice suggested that they create a character known as Ché to serve as a narrator and Greek chorus. It was not his intention to base him on Che Guevara, but when Harold Prince later became involved with the project, he insisted that the actors portraying Ché use Guevara as a role model.

  • ossurworld

    Che was one of Madonna’s backup dancers.

  • ousslander

    the same way hill overcome a character based on a mass murdering homophobe

  • ousslander

    the same way hill overcome a character based on a mass murdering homophobe by acting

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