11th hour appeals

But Look at Everything Gordon Brown’s Labour Party Has Done for Britain’s Gays

The Brits have one more day to consider who they’re going to vote for in tomorrow’s elections, and Prime Minster Gordon Brown, who called for elections early, is making his last ditch appeals to undecided voters. Including the gay ones!

Brown wants UK gays to remember it was his Labour Party that secured civil unions and gay adoption for you ‘mos. (Not helping counter Brown’s argument is the Conservative Party’s almost comical line-up of bigots.) Moreover, says Brown, gays should “fear” Tory leaders like David Cameron taking over. “I think Labour have both a record and future offer that we can be proud of, and the one thing we should all fear is a return to the Tory days. And the reality is, a vote for the Liberal Democrats just makes a Tory government more likely.”