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But Mike Rogers Never Meant to Make Rep. Mark Kirk’s Sexuality a Big News Story

I thought everyone in Illinois politics already knew Kirk was gay. It’s not a rumor and it’s not new. I’ve met the man. He is gay. I didn’t think this would even be a story and wasn’t seeking out coverage. … [Kirk’s] voting switch is a complete bending over for those military people on the hard right. It’s nothing more than a bone to throw at them, because he thinks the right hates the gays. … If he was genuinely against gays serving in the military, I’d respect him. He would be honest then, but now, he’s going to the people of Illinois saying he’s against the gay community. It’s unbelievable that he would turn on his own people. It’s unacceptable in 2010.

—Mike Rogers, who takes credit for outing Illinois’ Rep. Mark Kirk (pictured), on the non-issue of exposing the anti-gay homo [via]