But Terrence McNally Didn’t Mean to Offend Catholics

I was not out to offend Catholics, but they were offended. I didn’t know Jesus was a Catholic! … I still have a fatwa on my life.

—Terrence McNally, the playwright, on the fall out from his “Jesus as a gay” play Corpus Christi, which has had a rough ride in Texas [via]

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    Yet they seem to alwayswant to offend us………

  • Mykelb

    Well if Terrence won’t offend them, I will. Hey Maggie Gallagher, up yours (but not with mine, thank you)!!!

  • jeffree

    The Catholics are more worried about a work of fiction [McNally’s play] than they are about protecting innocent kids from priests. That’s logical, right ? !

  • Queer Supremacist

    It seems I offend Catholics just by existing. Good. I rejoice at the suffering at bad people, and the Catholic cult is full of bad people.

    Hey hey, Pope Bennay, how many boys did you rape today?


    @jeffree: Rim shot on that one J~!

    @Queer Supremacist: Interesting you bring up Pope Benedick aka the boy nazi. Just read today, the vatican thugs with the pointy hats are working their little fancy dresses off to prevent Benedick from being compelled to testify in an upcomming trial and how he moved priests who diddled little boys around like pieces on a sick chess board to prevent their being exposed…………

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