Plus: Our belated The Real World: Brooklyn recap

“But They’re All Gonna Hit On Me”

Poor straight guys who are afraid of gay bars because all the homos are going to hit on them! Except the truth of the matter? You’re probably not cute enough. So explains The Real World: Brooklyn‘s Scott Herman: “I tell my friends all the time, because they automatically assume that if someone’s gay they’re gonna get hit on, and when my friends are ignorant and say stuff like that, I go, ‘You know, people, even if they’re gay, they still have standards. They’re not going to be just attracted to you ’cause you’re a dude and they’re gay. That’s not how it works.'” Then again, Mr. Herman absolutely meets — and exceeds — our standards.

Meanwhile, how gay was this week’s episode on the gayest season of The Real World? Let’s check in with Katelynn and J.D., the cute dolphin trainer who, you’ll remembered, is the rumored one-time lover of a one Anderson Cooper.


Chet and Ryan have become the pranksters of the house and start to mess around with JD using an alarm clock that sounds like a doorbell. Then JD sees that there is a banana in the fish tank with a condom on it and he believes that it could be Chet after Chet had already commented on JD’s condom stash.

JD tells the roommates that he’s almost positive that Chet went through his stuff and Sarah agrees to talk to Chet. When Sarah sits down with Chet, he denies everything. JD then decides to confront Chet but Chet still denies ever going through JD’s things.


Baya brings Katelynn and Sarah to a dance class that she finds as she starts to pursue her dream of dancing in the city. On the ride back to the house, Katelynn comes out to Baya and tells her about being a transgender. Katelynn also tells Baya that she doesn’t plan on revealing herself to Chet or JD.


Some of the roommates go out for the night and Ryan is dared to kiss a drag queen at a gay bar. Ryan kissed the drag queen on the lips and then called his girlfriend to admit that he kissed someone else but that she shouldn’t worry about anything.


JD comes home drunk and yells about a store clerk being an immigrant and not understanding English. Chet gets offended by JD’s comments and starts to get in JD’s face. The two guys start to yell back and forth while Baya tries to break up the fight. JD tells Chet that he’ll back off this time but the next time “it’s not going to be pretty” and tells Chet to go back to his Bible. […]

Chet and JD sit down to talk about their fight the night before. JD apologizes to Chet for not opening up sooner but that he has had a tough life. Chet believes that JD is being genuine and decides to bury the hatchet.