But This Rainbow Lounge Raider Has Homosexual Friends!

The fracas following the raid of Ft. Worth bar Rainbow Lounge refuses to die. The latest interlocutor? Chris Aller, one of two Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission who who was fired following an internal investigation. He says they really were going after patrons who were drinking too much, gay or otherwise. Yup, it wasn’t a witchhunt!

“We went through looking for intoxicated people. That’s what we were looking for,” says Aller, defending what went down June 28. Was Rainbow targeted because it was a gay bar? “No, not even close.”

But it’s not like Aller is backtracking on claims that Chad Gibson, who ended up in the hospital after the raid with a brain injury, groped him. NBC-DFW:

Aller said Gibson groped him with the back of his hand while he was walking in a back hallway.

“I mean not hard, but he hit me. I mean, my badge was right here, so it was obvious he knew who I was,” he said, pointing to the front part of his belt.

He said Gibson was extremely drunk and resisted arrest.

“So we lowered him to the ground,” he said.

Aller denied Gibson received his head injury at that time.

“It was a very controlled maneuver,” he said.

Aller said he left Gibson outside with other officers, and that’s when he was injured.

“He was standing and basically did a pirouette and fell… on his right side,” he said. “And of course with his hands behind his back, he didn’t have a way to stop himself so he struck his head.”

Gibson has admitted he was drunk that night, but in an interview the following month, he denied groping anyone.

“It really makes me mad they would say that,” Gibson said in July. “I know that’s not me.”

And you have to trust the guy. After all, he has faggots for friends!

Actually I have quite a few friends who are homosexual,” he said. “I lived with a couple gay guys in college. They were roommates.”

So Aller was the scapegoat, yes?