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But We’ve Always Known Dolphins Are Just Gay Sharks

For mainstream America, Glee‘s big return this week was also a teaching moment: Brittany shared news that dolphins are really just gay sharks. The quote blew up Twitter. It made our friends think could be funny by repeating the line. But of course, this is something we have known for years.

Lesbian twin rockers Tegan and Sarah knew:

YouTube satirists knew:

And so did this goy:

And then there are these actual gay sharks:

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  • alan brickman

    Those bastards!!! i just knew it!!…lol

  • Ksyxx

    Seriously… people joke about dolphins, but their more vicious than folks realize. They’ll kill a porpoise for shits and giggles, attack a poor shark for just minding its own business and they’ll rape /anything/ including people just to call you its bitch afterward….

  • j

    @Ksyxx: Fuckin’ hardcore bastards the lot of them

  • Phabulous Phoenix (Back From The Black Hole Known As Mesa, Arizona)

    @Ksyxx: Don’t forget the infanticide and orgies. And don’t forget that Orcas (killer whales) are members of the dolphin families…and now, thanks to Sea World, have a taste for human blood.

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