no lols?

But What Do FAMOUS PEOPLE Think About Bruno?

One of the first rules of a red carpet: Do not ask controversial questions! But at Lifeworks’ fundraising event on Saturday (yes, the one with Dustin Lance Black) some notable folks were quizzed on whether Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno represents blackface for gays. (Wait, but we thought gay wasn’t the new black? Argh, sexuality v. race comparisons are so hard now!)

We’ve been down this road before, but now famous persons enter the fray!

Queer As Folk‘s Peter Paige, Project Runway‘s Nick Verreos, The Brady Bunch‘s Jennifer Elise Cox, and MTV/LOGO hotshot Brian Graden all voice their concerns about Bruno. Is this just bad timing on Cohen (“Right now, it’s in poor taste,” says Cox)? Just plain harmful (“I’m of the belief that it is dangerous,” says Verreos)?

Or just hysterical?