But What Do Military Action Figures Think About The DADT Repeal?

In the run up to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal, plenty of polls, surveys and questionnaires asked voters, soldiers and politicians how they felt about allowing gays into military. But you know who they didn’t ask? The plastic military action figures fighting imaginary battles every day on the shag carpets and playsets of childrens’ bedrooms.

Artic mission soldier Snow doesn’t have a problem with people “trying to taste each other’s rainbows”—he does have a problem with those who daydream about baloney sandwich sex though.

Jungle don’t mind gays in the military either. Heck, the gay dude he knows makes the ultimate wingman. Jungle also don’t mind when ladies send him bras and panties in the mail either because, “Jungle likes it nasty.”

Well, uh, thanks guys.