But What Fake Name Did Restaurant Critic Frank Bruni Use on Manhunt?


Outgoing New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni — a big gay who we love because he talks so openly about his eating disorder! — is finally free to reveal his face. But also: The pseudonyms he would secretly make reservations with. The man many in the restaurant industry claim could make or break a restaurant with the blessing, or withholding, of a star was known to maître d’hôtels around New York City under aliases like Robin Parker, Joseph Antonelli, and John Moroni, he tells Good Morning America. Despite having real credit cards with those fake names, his aliases are interesting because they follow no obvious formula — unlike, say, porn names — and are instead your generic, run-of-the-mill Italian guy monikers. Sure, it probably helped him dine incognito, but when we think of dining with such a handsome gent as Bruni, we imagine names straight out of

Meanwhile: Bruni is on a media whirlwind tour with his face exposed. And everyone wants to know what he really likes to eat!

Anyhow, here is a video of Bruni, prior to quitting, talking about his craft — with fellow gay Mo Rocca. Awww!