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But Who Is Going to Offer Counseling to Straight Soldiers Forced to Shower With Gays?, Wonders Sherri Shepherd

When the newly single Clay Aiken stopped by The View, did it provide Sherri Shepherd with a chance to stay something stupid about homosexuals in the military?

Yup! Extra bonus: Elisabeth Hasselbeck did too!

Whether it’s Sherri wondering if soldiers will have access to counseling (!) or Elisabeth wanting the people (read: soldiers) affected by repealing DADT be able to weigh in (just like white solders did with blacks, oh, wait!), The Stuipds were on hand to say stupid things about stupid laws.

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  • Rashid


  • Steffen L. Norgren

    Had to download Tor and install Torbutton, refresh my identity on the network until I got to a US endpoint and finally disable some Tor security to view this video (cannot be viewed outside the US).

    It was not worth it.

  • reason

    Putting clips from the show on this site would be now different then filming third graders about this topic. Some of them can barley put together a sentence let alone articulate a complete thought.

    Besides that, what are these people thinking, if the unit is showering together of course there going to know who is gay unless the soldier is practicing don’t tell. When you are in a war zone people become pretty close with there comrades and if one is telling there going to know. The guys statement about his brother is interesting, supportive of gays at home but not in the Marines. The survey will likely shed some light on which services will be more hostile towards open gays. If your paying attention it will likely be the Marines, the group where several gen. have been uncontrollably hostile to the idea. Some people that are in that service are psychopathic killers that you would not want to be on the receiving end off. Gen. Mattis freshly nominated to Cent. Command comes to mind, a DADT repeal opponent, who boasted about how fun it is to kill people who he felt had no manhood left, “hell of a hoot,” and how he loved brawling. Hell of guy to have on your side, but not someone you want to cross in a dark ally. After preaching the immorality of homosexuality to their subordinates it wouldn’t be out of the question for them to see gays as an immoral weak enemy. One of of Mattis platoon commanders unloaded two full magazines into two Iraq’s that he had untied and told them to do something. He boasted about hitting them with 80% of the rounds and said that he wanted to drive Mattis slogan home to the Iraq’s “no better friend, no worse enemy.” He was absolved of any wrong doing by another Marine General. I hope the survey illuminates the state of mind of some of these individuals so the government puts the proper safe guards in place to protect them. If a gay is killed by one of his own, I fear that some generals will be tripping over themselves to protect the perp.

  • Viral

    Wow, for all the stupidity Sherri and Liz spat out, Clay was on point in shutting the bitches down. His Bruce Jenner hairdo aside, Clay did the Community proud

  • Sug Night

    Two grown women and not a brain between them.

  • jason

    The View should be re-named as “Ugly Moronic Bitches”. And that includes Joy Behar.

  • Cam

    It is amazing to me how Conservatives will in one breath talk about how we have the most powerful military in the world, with the best soldiers in the world, and in the next breath assume that our soldiers are fragile pocelin little dolls that will crack into sobbing heaps of jello the second a gay person is in their presense.

    Hey Sheri, here is an idea, first lets make sure our soldiers are getting couceling after having to deal with things like watching their friends blown up by a roadside bomb and having to shoot people before you start worrying about whether or not they are traumatized by having to take a shower with somebody who happened to like the movie “Mama Mia”. Ok Sweety?

  • Chitown Kev

    Sherri Shepherd is getting to be an extremely nerve wrecking cunt.


    @Chitown Kev: Like fingernails ona chalkboard …………… :-p

    I am more concerned with our Gay soldiers who are are visually assaulted by the scary sights of overweight, hairy, ill groomed, gomers who most likely haven’t showered regularrly since they were like five……… :-p

  • Revemupman

    And you dummies said Whoopi is stupid….

    Take a look at these other clowns. They make whoopi seem like Aristotle.

  • dvlaries

    Queerty, meaning to or not, is the best friend the 11a.m. competition to “The View” ever had.

    You have yet to put up a single blub about this show that’s made me want to tune in. Four yacking over-the-hill dames who couldn’t make in real journalism. I’ll stick to a ‘Victim’s Unit’ rerun and my fantasies of Chris Meloni.

  • Benjy

    Aiken did well making valid points in a sea of harpies. They should hire him as the Voice Of Reason for this show.

  • ewe

    That fat bitch is a disgrace.

  • ewe

    Everyone knows that blonde bimbo was born with everything handed to her but there is no reason to allow that ignorant fat one to go on and on discriminating against gay men. She is an idiot and has no idea what the fuck she is talking about. When was the last time any of these females showered with gay or straight soldiers?

  • ewe

    The whole concept of TheView is to sprinkle a dash of gay via a guest host while peppering a bit of black, a bit of white and some italian that acts jewish. This show is so pathetic and Politically correct that it is imploding.

  • ewe

    All the fault by the way lies at the feet of the fat bald white guy that sits in the audience with his eyes reading $ching $ching $ching $ching. And Barbara Warwar too. The show sucks so bad they constantly have to bring up gay issues to wake up the audience.

  • Lookyloo

    From what I gathered (after she ‘clarified’) she was meaning, will the straight soldiers have someone to go to that will assure them, regarding showering with gays, there’s nothing to worry about, everyone’ll get used to it, etc. Not for therapy-type counseling. She is ignorant but she quickly realized what she was almost saying and sort-of saved herself on that one.

  • Pip

    if we’re so worried about sexual harassment in the military why don’t we start with the thousands of women soldiers who are victims of straight male soldiers every day.

  • Alexa

    Just when I think Sherri Shepherd could not get any more moronic, she goes ahead and proves me wrong. I feel so sorry for her son, growing up with an idiot for a mother.

  • James Hamilton

    @ewe: LOL I agree

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