Butch Lesbian Wins Disc. Suit

Khadijah Farmer definitely has something to celebrate!

The New York resident won a settlement in her discrimination case against a West Village restaurant, Caliente Cab Company.

The brouhaha boiled over last year after the popular West Village Mexican restaurant booted Farmer for being in the ladies room. As you can see, Farmer doesn’t exactly look like Barbie and readily admits that she’s “not the most feminine.” Farmer did, however, show the security guard her identification card, which clearly shows she’s a woman. Apparently the guard wasn’t satisfied, because he kicked her and her friends to the curb. And now the restaurant’s going to pay $35,000 and institute new “workplace practices:”

Among the workplace practices that Caliente Cab agreed to adopt in the settlement was to add gender identity and expression to its corporate nondiscrimination policy; to adopt a gender-neutral dress code for its employees; and to amend its employee handbook to state “persons patronizing or employed at Caliente have the right to use the bathroom facilities consistent with their gender identity and expression.”

The restaurant will also pay Farmer’s legal fee, which is only fair.