Butler Totally Gets Down With Wondercon

Gerard Butler‘s now established himself as an international movie star. Sure, a few old ladies and some theater queers knew the 300 actor from Phantom of the Opera, but now he’s a full-blown celebrity.

And, as a full-fledged movie star, he made an appearance as San Francisco’s geektastic Wondercon. Above, you see a video from that very event in which Butler gives a surprisingly attractive female reporter (Nancy McCrumb) some face-time. A reader sent us this video and wondered whether Butler bristled when asked whether or not he’s feeling a little gay. Here’s the exchange:

NM: We’re in San Francisco – you’re here to promote a movie where it was you and 299 almost naked men. Are you feeling a little gay?

GB: No. I feel just like I did before and after the movie. I’m Gerry. I won’t be compartmentalized. No, not at all. One, because I’m not and two because it didn’t make me feel that way. That’s the good thing about the film – the gay population hopefully will love it and hopefully the female population will love it for some of those reasons as well, and hopefully the male population will love it, because it’s a fucking great movie.

He doesn’t seem mean – he seems a bit drunk, possibly stoned and exhausted from all the magnificent nerdiness.