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  • Hilarious

    Shouldn’t having an ass be a requirement to call yourself a “Butt Boy”? Where’s the beef?

    If you have to bend over trying to poke something out that means you have a flat ass.

  • Theo

    lol…so funny and cute.

  • Steve Prince

    Dang..that beefy latin guy is hot. yum.

  • I want MORE!!!

    LOVE IT!

  • den

    Cute guys – but I can see why the need butt exercises. Neither has one.

  • John Pinksten

    dude, having a good ass means it’s TIGHT. And these guys are tight…yeah!

  • Hilarious

    @John Pinksten: No, no it doesn’t.

    If that was the case things like “Booty Pop Panties” and whatever they call it for men wouldn’t exist.

    On TV every guy magically has Christmas hams now, so clearly a “tight” ass is not “in”…not that it ever was. Flat asses are gross.

  • hf2hvit

    I didn’t see any butt–I saw a wall with a hole in it!

  • alan brickman

    Super embarrassing…every homophobe will love this…..

  • AY Lev21


  • Cassandra

    were there any exercises in that clip that actually work the glutes?

  • Jolie

    So…..yeah. Sign me up. I mean TOTALLY — straight women like nice butts, too! And what a great gift idea for the lovely gay boys in my life. Where do I get one? I mean, the video (not one of the butt boys, although that would be fab, dahling….)!

  • AY Lev21

    go to
    i just bought mine :)

  • Jackson

    I’m so confused. Is this a workout or porn?

    Let’s be honest either way, I kinda want it.

  • nineinchnail

    ButtCAMP sure covers it. These guys have gorgeous bodies but without a chunky arse they arent complete. Being fickle if it turned out they had huge dicks then the lack of butt wouldnt matter as you cant see them when you are facing the other way. I like a chunky manly arse!!!

  • Harvard

    Brilliant!!! Such a fun, fresh idea. I love that there is actual workout video out there that is entertaining and doesn’t take itself so seriously! I’m tired of boring (or mean) workout videos!!! This will definitely save my ass (literally) after Thanksgiving and Xmas break.

  • Sophie

    Hahahaha! This is hysterical and hot at the same time! Woof!

  • Denver Top

    I’m buying a copy of this DVD for all of my bottom boys for Christmas.

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