By Refusing Pride Permit, City of Moscow Invites Another Year of Gay Bashings

The city of Moscow has a history with Pride that can only be described as “shameful.”

After years of police harassment and anti-gay assaults, organizers were only able to hold a peaceful Pride rally last year by employing some serious spy-novel tactics: trading cell phones so they couldn’t be traced, arriving in the city in unmarked vehicles, riding the subway all day to throw off anyone following them.

Last year’s Moscow Pride was basically a flash mob, a short unannounced march down a freeway median that was chiefly spread via word of mouth and only lasted a few minutes.

It was a peaceful event, but total secrecy isn’t exactly conducive to a well-attended party. So this year, Pride applied for a permit well in advance.

And now they’ve been denied.

That’s a risky move by the city of Moscow. Last year, a European Union court ruled that the country had violated Pride’s civil rights by denying permits in the past, and that they were required to issue permits henceforth.

What’s next? Well, they’ll hold the rally in Moscow whether they have a permit or not, but it looks like we might be in for another year of attacks and harassment.

In the mean time, organizers are asking that you call the Russian embassy in Washington to protest the government’s banning of Moscow Pride. Their numbers are (202) 338-3263 or (202) 232-5988. If you do call, let us know what they say!

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  • Jazpyy

    Russia is just another part of the globe where humans are still in their primitive pre-man state. The gay community in Russia has a long wait for the government to evolve into people first.

  • Armand

    Russia doesn’t need Pride. They already have Lenin.

  • matt baume

    @Jazpyy: I don’t think we’re comfortable with commenters making blanket stereotypes of an entire country like that.

  • Armand

    @matt baume: Darling, do you suffer from political correctness?

  • matt baume

    @Armand: No, just working to fix Queerty’s old commenting culture. Now, there’s some primitive pre-man states.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    @matt baume:
    They hate us and you defend them?
    No wonder gay rights aren’t advancing, considering those with a voice choose to curl up and take a beating instead of standing up to fight. That’s why the world sees is as weak cowards and frail effeminates, because of people like you.

  • Jeffree

    Ask yourself: would you be brave enough to attend or march at Moscow Pride knowing the police & ruffians were likely to attack you? I’m being honest & saying “Not sure.”

    All we have to contend with here at the major Prides is the roving bands of Christianists and a few snarling drunks…

    I’d say our Muscovite sisters & brothers are flipping courageous to show up & face the risk.

    @matt baume: Culture change *is* tough, eh what?

  • the Spirit of Harry Hay

    Just as in Moscow, when the US government INSISTS ON DISCRIMINATING AGAINST LGBT people, THEY ARE INVITING gay bashers to attack us. When Obama and the Democrats refuse to fight for us, they are opening the way for gay bashers to bash, for bullies to bully, and handing the rope to children to hang themselves. “Blame the Republicans” is no longer an acceptable, or correct, stock answer.

  • Armand

    @the Spirit of Harry Hay: Girl please.

    Let’s fix the “Queerty’s old commenting culture”, as Baume says, and stop this fixation of our gay community as always being the victim.

  • Armand

    @Jeffree: I would attend or march in the Moscow Pride because there is nothing greater than being free. Even if that means getting harassed or put in prison.

    Living a life in fear, is a sad life indeed.

  • M.


    Don’t answer to him. Jeffree is the stupid conformist cretin with very low IQ.

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