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  • Jack

    YES! Perfect! :D

  • Daniel

    He’s pretty damn sexy.

  • Grahamblue

    Luv the hairy chest!!! Perfect

  • Paolo

    His farmer background makes him even sexier.

  • Pat Duffy

    It’s always great to see a man in “Goods”…

  • Stan

    Sit on my face please. And I mean you Killa ;)

  • Jacob

    Killa, no one cares.

  • dvlaries

    Utterly gorgeous. Don’t forget him, queerty, and bring him back again sometime.
    How come when they are this stunning, it’s never one of those sets with 45 shots…?

  • Paul

    Killa, STFU. Also, am I missing something? I’m not seeing feces…
    Also, he’s just eh in my book

  • Joseph

    THANK YOU! Finally, a real man who’s really beautiful!

  • InExile

    Gays don’t spend money in Jamaica anymore, there is a boycott which also includes products from Jamaica.

  • DSD

    The reason Killa is on here is because we Queers aren’t coming to Jamaica. He’s lonely :( & craving a dick to suck. HOT HOT man!!!!!!!!

  • rf


  • bozemanmontana

    200 heads of cattle?
    Up here, we say ‘200 head’
    Hell, who cares? I’d ride with him anyday

  • WTF?

    It’s this guys lack of perfection that makes him so approachable and hot. Definitely one of the best Queerty’s offered in a long while.

    Killa: instead of spreading hate that so obviously stems from your own self-loathing, maybe you should spend your time learning how to spell. You just come across as another ignorant islander (and I live in the Caribbean so I know). Furthermore, as others have stated on here, no one wants to come to your dirty, impoverished, hate-filled island. Even those who aren’t boycotting it, get off the plane, hop on a bus, got to the resort and never, NEVER have to see the world you live in.

  • dvlaries

    Well, Tom may not make me want to turn farmer,
    but he definitely stirs the urge to plant some seed…

    Do something REAL useful today, queerty: find 15 more of Tom :P

  • Jayson


  • Pete

    #7, teeth need bleaching

  • dk

    Milk does a body good!

  • Gary

    Finally! A grown man with natural muscles and body hair, hot!

    Great ass too, yummy…..

  • Steve

    Wow. Best one in awhile. Totally sexy.

  • AlanInUtah

    No. 18 · Pete
    “#7, teeth need bleaching”

    I totally agree to this. Though he is pretty damn sexy.

  • Mother-of-Michael-Letterman

    Ooooooh…he’s sweet! I like the first picture. My son, Michael Letterman still takes baths like that. He lives in a low rent title 8 apartment without running water, you see. Poor Michael.

    But this guy is really HOT! Makes me all moist between the legs.

    He’s puttin’ the red in my snapper.

    The stuff in my muff.

    And a real quiver in my whisker biscuit!


  • Same Crap


  • james


    just a avg working guy. queerty do you think we can get a tom but like 50lbs heaver for a photo spread?

  • Superman

    That boy belongs in gay porn. He had me stiff at hello.

  • james_cambridge

    Uh….really? (James, be nice!!) Ok, nice hairy body. Could do without the Opie face but to each his own.

    Editors, can we please have Jay Sean as a Morning Good. He’ll give this place some color (British & Indian) and he’s fucking gorgeous. His body is sick and right up your readers’ alley.

  • Same Crap

    Uh, MG had an Indian guy a few days ago. Most hated him. I don’t think they’ll try that again.

    queerty readers seem to like no-upper-lip-having, slack-yawed (you know he sounds like a dink with marbles in his mouth when he talks) yellow-toothed, farm-raised white guys, apparently.

  • tavdy79

    @ bozemanmontana: it’s “head of cattle” this side of the pond too. Queerty needs to get outta the city more I think ;-)

    Yesterday I asked for a bear or an otter. I think Queerty done good.

  • james_cambridge

    Lol @ Samecrap. Jay Sean has a body built by God to tempt the queers (you can see it at the beginning of his “Down” video) so I’m thinking the drool factor will override the racism here.

  • Kypsych

    This is my first post to Queerty. This beautiful man moved me to register and say “WOW”. Nicely done.

  • Mother-of-Michael-Letterman

    By the way, that’s me in photo #8 just beneath him. I’m somewhat of a contortionist — as well as being “tripedal”. I still can’t figure out how part of my foot and the shoe on my third leg got stuck up his ass though.

    …Oh well.

    By the way, he does have a nice booty. Not hairy like his chest — not that there’s anything wrong with that. I have hair-ball medicine I keep in my purse – just in case.

    I think he probably waxes his trunk. Pretty smooth…or is that smooth and pretty.

    Either way — I like.

    As long as they have an XY chromosome, I’m not too picky.

  • romeo

    guy’s hot! Nice to see a real person occasionally. He looks just right to snuggle up to on these cold winter nights, and, you know, whisper about how early we have to get up to let the cows out and slop the hogs. LOL Actually, I think I’d love that.

  • Paul

    #15 WTF?…ditto…

  • YellowRanger


  • James Davis

    First time I’ve ever clicked through every picture. Truly a hot guy.

  • turk

    I’d make him breakfast.

  • Alexandre


  • Mike

    Can I have his babies?

  • Republican

    Meh. Very average, IMO. I’m surprised that some people say they’re getting instant wood from these pics. But to each his own.

  • toph23

    I’m almost certain that this guy did a solo j.o. vid with Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody or something. Don’t remember who exactly, but these pics are great.

  • mark


    That butt and furry chest, we could all use sum sum sum of that.

    excellent choice Queerty

  • nate

    Shit…not a bad picture in the whole batch. Wow..I have to go clean up.

  • Dan

    “REPUBLICAN” Well, that explains your post.

  • Yeah I Said It

    Wow…I can’t say that I am surprised that this guy got all these ‘hot’ posts considering this is queerty…It’s like a domino effect of some sort – one person says he’s a ‘hottie’, and everyone else follows suite. I don’t get it…

  • Republican


    Care to explain how my political views have anything to do with the fact that I think this guy is just average in the looks department? There are plenty of guys that Queerty has posted that I do find hot. This man isn’t one of them. If you look at most Morning Goods, you’ll find a wide range of opinions, but here it’s almost all positive comments. I was just surprised that THIS is the man that gets an overwhelming majority of Queerty commenters drooling on their keyboards. That’s all.

  • Anthony

    This is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen on MG. My fav. pic is #6.

  • romeo

    Yeah, Republican, it’s kind of amazing that we have something of a consensus here OVER A GUY ! LOL Dunno, he just seems kind of warm and real. Also, his butt is irresistible.

  • sal(the original)

    umm what kinda farmer is this??!!!lol

  • Keith Kimmel

    A little hairy, but I don’t care. He can sow his seeds in my ass anytime.

  • Mark

    @50 Amen to that! Damn – – nice to see a ‘real’ guy on here for a change instead of waxed smooth buffed out boys

  • mucklucky777

    Number 9. Wow. Amazingly beautiful and symmetrical.

  • mountainword

    Wow – once again you go above and beyond to show me one of the hottest guys ever! Hairy boys are HOT!

  • Jay Franco

    He did a couple of vids on including a f*ck scene with a guy where he was the top. He even auctioned off some of his clothes from the vids. Here’s a direct link for his profile there:

  • Same Crap

    Wow. Apparently many of these pics were taken when he was 24. He is not aging well.

    He’ll be doing the silver daddy/mature porn stuff even before he hits 30.

  • dick

    Tom is a pretty amazing guy, Goes by Tom Wolfe now.. definitely sexy even as he continues to grow his career in porn. I think he started with, but can now be seen on Massive and Mustang and probably his own label soon enough.

  • Superman

    @ No. 26 – Superman

    Time to bust out some Mariah Carey: ?? There can be miracles, when you believe… ??

    Thank you, Jay Franco, for the link. You made this superhero a, um, very sticky superhero.

  • Same Crap

    This is the only MG guy who is nearly unanimously praised. Do not get the appeal at all.

    Well, enjoy him. :)

  • Suburban

    I like the hairy chest and legs too, some just wax everything,I’m glad he doesn’t. #5, I could run my fingers through that hairy chest. Mmm Mmm good.

  • Nit

    Body? Hot. Face? Would be hot if he had an upper lip.

  • MikenStL

    Not sure what pics some of you are looking at because I think he looks sexy as hell.

  • Suburban

    @MIKENSTL, some are way too critical and some are just never happy, it shows we do have very different tastes.

  • mm

    awesome! finally a sexy guy with fur! damn, Im salivating.

  • Marc

    Hell yes! #4

  • Warren

    The cattle are a might pissed. Not a single pic.

  • Chad Hunt

    I do love me some hot, hairy, blonde, bubble-butt, farm boys, could have only been hotter were he Amish. ;-P

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