Raising My Rainbow

C.J.’s 4th Birthday With ‘Virginia Slims’ And Some Very Friendly Disney Princesses

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C.J. nearly peed his skinny jeans when we rounded the corner and saw her.

We recently celebrated C.J.’s fourth birthday with a trip to Disneyland (read more about our decision here). We woke up early that morning, drove to Anaheim, parked our car, walked to the tram, rode the tram and walked to the entrance. Finally, all that was standing between us and the mouse was security. “What? Does he play with Barbies?,” asked a security woman whom I will refer to as Virginia Slims, in large part because of the tell-tale smoker’s wrinkles that ringed her mouth. She was eyeing the doll in my son’s grip. “Yeah, he does,” I said as I opened our backpack for inspection. “Really? He plays with Barbies?” Virginia Slims asked again, more interested in my response than if I had large amounts of explosives in my bag.

C.J. and Snow White had a special moment

“Yes. He. Does.” I said with a psychotic smile spreading across my face with frozen eyes and my teeth clenched in fake politeness. “Well, I guess that’s alright,” she said shrugging her shoulders. Well, thank you o’ wise bag checker at Disneyland for letting me know that it is okay for my son to play with Barbies, I had been wondering from whom I should seek affirmation. And, besides, it wasn’t just a Barbie, it was Rapunzel. So there.

The rest of the day was pure Disney magic.

We headed straight for Fantasyland for the Alice and Wonderland ride because C.J. wanted to ride a “pat-a-pillar” (caterpillar for those who don’t speak four-year-old) and fall down the “rabbit ho’” (hole for those with their mind it the gutter). Ride after ride after ride.

C.J. has connections and got a personal intro by Aurora to Jasmine.

Then we hit the high note of our day: the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire. After all, C.J. wanted to go to Di-nee-land to see HIS princesses. “Meet some of your favorite Disney Princesses in person at Disney Princess Fantasy Faire,” the ride promised. “Walk down an enchanting pathway with scenic alcoves perfect for introducing little ones to each princess. Be sure to take a picture and make the special moment last forever! You never know which Disney Princesses will drop by Disney Princess Fantasy Faire to say hello. The greeting pathway usually features 3 Disney Princesses at any given time.”

Oh, we did it, we walked the enchanting pathway and visited the scenic alcoves. We got fairly lucky and met two A-list princesses and one from the B-list: Snow White, Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) and Jasmine.

Hold the doll one way and she is Aurora …

I followed Raising My Rainbow fan Mitch’s advice and told the first princess that it was C.J.’s birthday and all he wanted was to meet princesses. We got the royal treatment and each princess escorted us to the next and personally introduced C.J. to the next princess. It was the happiest 10 minutes of his life. When he gets nervous he stands up real straight, puts both hands behind his back and wrings and twiddles his fingers like he’s trying to pull them off. They were in full motion at the Fantasy Faire.

… flip her over and she’s Ariel. It took C.J. a moment to get over the shock of having two dolls in one.

Visitors conveniently exit into an all-princess gift shop and C.J. picked out his favorite present since the Disney’s Tangled Rapunzel Braiding Friends Hair Braider he got for Christmas. Hold her one way and she is Aurora, flip her over and her dress cascades down, covering her up and revealing Ariel, who was under Aurora’s skirt (how Ariel got under there and what she was doing is content for another blog entirely).

Who better to decorate C.J.’s birthday cake than C.J. himself?

More rides. More food. More fun. More memories. More photos.

At 4 p.m. we made our way to the Plaza Inn for the C.J.’s “My Disneyland Birthday Party with Mickey and Minnie.” We all got a party hat, souvenir sipper cup and mini birthday cake to decorate. We sang songs and snapped some shots with the mice. C.J. thought that everybody in the restaurant was specifically there to celebrate his day of birth, so he felt very special and I considered myself lucky when he didn’t expect all of the aforementioned people to give him a gift. A no-nap tantrum would have ensued for sure.

C.J.’s finished “mouse-terpiece.” We expect a call from Food Network any day now

We stayed until closing and C.J. talked to his Aurora/Ariel doll all the way home. I wonder what Virginia Slims would have thought of that! It was one of our family’s very best days. Happy birthday C.J., four never looked so good.