CA Gay Marriage Fight In Trouble

Things are looking dire in California. While the polls showed that most voters are against Proposition 8, which would overturn this year’s gay marriage win, the tide seems to be turning for the worse.

Gay activists yesterday held an emergency conference call to inform gay media types that they’re being woefully outspent and, despite their best efforts, Prop 8 could be poised for passage.

Via The Advocate:

“We’re being very badly outspent,” said pollster Celinda Lake, who joined campaign consultant Steve Smith and Equality California’s Geoff Kors on the call. Lake attributed Prop 8’s new hot streak to a biting TV ad that premiered last week — and to the massive media buy for that ad made possible in part by the deep pockets of the Mormon Church. “Polling tells us that their ad is really breaking through… it’s not just a base ad. It’s convincing to voters across the broad spectrum,” she said.

Celinda Lake, the No on 8 pollster, observed on Tuesday that 20% of California voters are still undecided on Prop 8. “That’s more than enough to provide a resounding victory for either side,” she said.

Gays and their allies had better unleash their A game.

And that “A game” will take a whole lot of dough. If you want to secure Californian queers’ right to marry – and maintain America’s liberal democratic dream – you should send some money over to Equality California or No On 8, both of which need all the help they can get.