CA Log Cabin Fighting Prop 8

California’s Log Cabin Republicans are flexing their muscle. The gay group’s joined forces with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to smack down Proposition 8:

Today, Log Cabin sent a message out to its California membership announcing the creation of Republicans Against 8, a coalition of concerned Republicans who believe in limited government and individual liberty. Our goal is to reach out to that 5-6 percent of persuadable Republican voters and convince them that, regardless of how they feel about marriage, protecting fundamental freedoms for all Californians is more important.

In 1978, when the Briggs Initiative threatened to take away the fundamental freedom for all Californians to teach in Public Schools, Governor Ronald Reagan stood up and opposed it. Today, another Republican Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is fighting for the rights of all Californians once again.

This here image is a mock-up of the ad. We think they should feature Arnold in his not safe for work body building days.