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CA Sen. Roy Ashburn Demands Schwarzenegger Keep Only One Type of Marriage In California

California’s Sen. Roy Ashburn doesn’t want to see Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sign into law the Civil Marriage Religious Freedom Act — a bill introduced by gay Sen. Mark Leno, and which would, theoretically, protect religious clergy who didn’t want to perform same-sex marriages — because, BECAUSE, it creates two separate classes of marriage. That’s why Ashburn doesn’t like it! Because, he writes in a letter to the governor, gays and lesbians would be relegated to second-class status. This (“What I seek is full, equal marriage rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation. SB 906 is clearly less than full marriage equality and therefore, I respectfully ask for your veto”) from THIS GUY. There’s turning over new leaves, and there’s raking them into a pile and setting them on fire.

Is This The Real Beginning of Roy Ashburn’s Turnaround Tour?

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