CA Supremes To Hear Lesbian Insemination Case

California’s Supreme Court sure has been gay recently.

First they had that little old marriage ruling and now the state’s justices will hear yet another queer case:

In 1999, after a year of surgeries and hormone treatments – all covered by insurance – [Guadalupe] Benitez was finally ready to get pregnant by artificial insemination. But at the crucial moment, her doctor refused to do the procedure for “religious” reasons.

Benitez, now 36, is a lesbian. She sued her doctors under California’s civil rights laws, charging that they discriminated against her because of her sexual orientation. Today, the state Supreme Court will consider whether a doctor can invoke his faith to refuse a patient treatment.

The main tension in this case revolves around whether or not one’s religious beliefs can be used to justify what others perceive as discrimination. You can guess where the right fall on this one…