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Caitlyn Jenner, a.k.a. Trans Judas, says we must not “normalize” the “absurdity” of trans people

Fox News shill Caitlyn Jenner seems dedicated to making her internalized transphobia externalized as often as possible. She’s taken aim at trans women minding their business before, notably attacking Lia Thomas for daring to be a woman swimming against women.

Now she’s set her sights on TikTok’s trans Princess Di, Dylan Mulvaney.

Mulvaney recently sat down with President Biden for NowThis to discuss the recent waves of anti-trans legislation. The pair coming together and denouncing transphobia set the right absolutely ablaze.

The conversation was fairly innocuous, but that doesn’t seem to matter:

Reactionaries on the right like Senator Marsha Blackburn immediately took to trying to slander the trans star as much as possible. Blackburn specifically reposted Mulvaney’s “Day 74 of Being a Girl” video, in which she says trans women shouldn’t have to tuck and tells people not to stare at trans women’s crotches.

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Jenner saw the perfect opportunity to add her own two discriminatory cents to this situation, patting Blackburn on the back for a job well done.

She calls Blackburn “one of the best senators we have”, implying she’s never heard of any other senators:

Folks saw right through this attempt to win brownie points from the right by attacking her own people, and rightfully came for her neck.

In the words of Mimi Faust, “Get her again. Get her for me”:

On top of it all, her desperate attempt to shield herself by putting other trans folks down isn’t working. Quote tweets to Jenner’s post include sentiments like “This man is mentally ill,” “A crazy trans talking about another crazy trans,” and “Your perversion paved the way.”

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Mulvaney, on the other hand, is continuing to live her best life while weathering the storm of it all. She’s taken a few days off TikTok to regroup, but her last video was a rundown of all the things coming up Dylan at the moment (while savoring a cookie from her recent White House visit).

It’s a nice little laundry list:

@dylanmulvaneyGood updates !!!!!♬ Relaxing Japanese-style piano song inviting nostalgia – Akiko Akiyama

Among her current wins are a recent audition that went really well, a confirmed FFS (facial feminization surgery) date, and more good progress on her upcoming book.

“To those people who do enjoy me, I love ya. And to those who don’t, well, maybe you’ll come around someday, who knows?” she muses.

“In the meantime, I’m eating a White House cookie. See ya!”

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