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Caitlyn Jenner, a.k.a. Trans Judas, won’t be happy until all transgender kids suffer the way she did

Once upon a time, Caitlyn Jenner had the community believing she genuinely wanted to listen to the views of other LGBTQ+ people. Her coming out moment and subsequent I Am Cait series had some thinking she might even help represent and give back to the people who made it safe for her to come out.

Instead, she wants us to suffer.

In another stunning case of mental gymnastics, Caitlyn Jenner (who has publicly spoken about her “male voice” being a source of “discomfort”) is railing against trans kids being informed on what puberty blockers are.

American Girl’s recently published book Body Image has sparked backlash from queerphobic reactionaries for daring to acknowledge in some sections that, yes, trans people often feel body dysphoria from a young age and deserve to be educated on what they’re going through.

In a new Fox News segment, the cognitive dissonance correspondent called the book offering resources to trans kids “another example of the woke world going crazy”:

Caitlyn and her ilk have come to replace terms like “human rights” and “activists” with “wokeness” and “groomers” to make education and advocacy of LGBTQ+ issues sound like an absolute moral evil.

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In her groundbreaking 2015 Vanity Fair “Call Me Caitlyn” cover story, she (still choosing to address herself with he/him pronouns and referring to her younger self as “Bruce”) discussed the hardship of experiencing what she’d come to know as gender dysphoria by as young as ten years old.

“When Bruce was around 10, he would sneak into his mother’s closet, sometimes his sister’s,” the profile reads. “He would put on a dress and maybe wrap a scarf around his head and walk around outside.”

“Without knowing the clinical term for what he was feeling—gender dysphoria—he found himself ‘fascinated by it all,’ just as he felt ‘scared to death somebody was going to find out.’ Because there was nobody he could talk to about it. He didn’t tell anyone until the early 1970s, when he told his first wife, Chrystie.”

As a child, Caitlyn knew she was different. She knew that she felt euphoria in the feminine. She still relents effects of her “male” puberty decades later, many of which she’s no doubt had to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to change.

So why does she advocate for children not being able to access safe and reversible puberty blocking medication?

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The facts are these: Medically stalling puberty is not permanent. No one is prescribing HRT to anyone under age 14, a time when the vast majority of people will have already started experiencing the changes of puberty. And, no matter the age, the overwhelming majority — 98%!! — of people who start the trans healthcare process as adolescents choose to continue it into adulthood.

This woman needs to get through her head that the same transphobes she’s pandering to think she’s as perverse and unnatural as she constantly makes the rest of her community and our advocates out to be.

Does she think that Fox News viewers would welcome her into a women’s restroom? A women’s locker room? Does she think they would trust her, a parent of six, to watch their children?

If so, that level of mental gymnastics could earn her another gold medal.

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