Cali. Assembly Passes Gay Nups.

California’s state assembly voted 42-34 to allow same-sex marriage. The issue’s come up a number of times in The Golden State, but never with such civility. Representative Mark Leno, the openly gay politico who introduced the bill, scoffed at Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s vow to veto the bill, as he has in the past:

I don’t care what pronouncements [Schwarzenegger’s] made, it’s his job to come to learn about this issue and to let us have our moment. I’m certain that he’s an open-minded and open-hearted individual and when he learns more, he’ll understand more.

Obviously Mr. Leno has high hopes for the Governator.

The vote fell across party lines, with all Republicans voting “no”. Among the democrats, three politicos abstained from the vote – Juan Arambula, Mike Davis and Cathleen Galgiani, while two Democrats broke from their party: Nicole Parra and Wilmer Amina Carter. Traitors.