“Cali. Gay Marriage Coming,” Say Sources

There may be more to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gay marriage story.

The California Governor last week came out for same-sex nuptials, saying that battling an amendment banning gay marriage would be a waste of time. The move surprised many, of course, especially considering that he has twice vetoed legislation that would allow homos to seal the deal. The former actor’s staff later reiterate an earlier statement: the Governor will uphold the Supreme Court’s ruling on the controversially pro-gay laws. Justices have been deliberating since March.

While we could call Schwarzenegger’s recent declaration political evolution, some say that the Supreme Court has internally passed the marriage matter and the Governor’s just trying to lay the foundations for a conservative uprising.

Journo Ryan J. Davis reports:

Sources wishing to remain anonymous in the California Court System indicate that the court, which has until June 2, 2008 to issue it’s marriage ruling, is considering issuing it on Friday, May 23, 2008, with the decision being written by Chief Justice Ronald George. The Court is readying itself for a backlash that may follow the rumored and bold decision. There is talk that the Court will not simply strike down Proposition 22, but will move the State of California toward full marriage, if not even granting full marriage rights for gays and lesbians outright.

Obviously aware of what’s coming, Gov. Schwarzenegger came out swinging against the FRC’s proposed amendment…

The Governator’s sure to have a shit storm on his hands. Davis informs us that 51% of Californians oppose gay marriage. That’s an eleven-point drop since 2000, when voters passed Proposition 22, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

Obviously no one can say for sure whether the Court will pass marriage – not on the record, at least – but we’re praying to the gay gods that it goes down. We gays deserve some good news, right? And, of course, equality, but that may be asking too much…