California Anti-Gay Leaders Rake It In

Damn! Maybe we’re in the wrong business.

Most non-profits prefer to use 65% of their donations toward achieving their goal, but California’s Family Council, a stridently anti-gay group, would rather stuff their leaders’ pockets:

Since 2003, the public has given the Riverside, Calif.-based California Family Council (CFC) nearly $3 million to support charitable work that the organizations says “protects and fosters judeo-Christian principles in California’s laws.” But, according to its federal tax returns, little more than $500,000 of that money has gone to “program services,” or expenses directly related to that charitable work.

In contrast, the CFC’s top two employees, including its founder and executive director, Ron Prentice, were paid a total of $1.1 million over four years. The CFC’s other employees earned a total of $900,000 in compensation — bringing the total spent on employees at the Council to about $2 million since it began in 2003.

Prentice had no comment on what one non-profit expert described as the organization’s “wacky” numbers.

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  • mark

    Hey I can “pray away their gay” every bit as well as Ted Haggard…I do get a hustler and CRYSTAL in my perks…right?

    most of the fugly losers who try this reparative bullsh*t are no loss to the community..I pray Ken Mehlman isn’t gay too.

  • Pete

    The more this type of shenannigans happens to their side the better for us. The more money they rake in from the ‘faithful’ and waste on hookers and crystal the less is spent on lobbying against us.

  • Darth Paul

    That’s about what I expected. Social conservatives are flagrantly unapologetic swine.

  • Joseph

    I’m gay and live in CA. Obvs, I’ll be voting no on Prop 8. However, for this to really be news and help prevent trigger-happy comments like “That’s about what I expected. Social conservatives are flagrantly unapologetic swine.”, shouldn’t you also compare/contrast your numbers with how the “other side” is performing?


    ^ Thank you! ;)

  • Steve


    With publicity.

    Before the election.

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