California Set To Pass First Bill Banning Gay Conversion Therapy For Minors

The California State Assembly passed a bill Tuesday, 51-21, to prohibit children and teenagers from undergoing homosexual conversion therapy, which would make it the first state to impose such a ban.

The bill will hit the desk of Democratic Governor Jerry Brown on Friday, but to ensure victory, has launched a petition calling for Gov. Brown to sign into law the groundbreaking ban. In a statement, the organization’s executive director  Andre Banks said:

“In the last six months alone, members have lead the charge to successfully push back against attempts to export ‘pray away the gay’ as a legitimate medical treatment in the UK, France and Argentina. Now it’s time for Governor Brown to protect the lives and well-being of thousands of young people by making California the first state to ban these abusive practices once and for all.

“This isn’t just a problem in California or the United States. American religious extremists are bringing these dangerous practices to more than 30 countries all over the world. This isn’t science. These are nothing more than gay exorcisms and they have been overwhelming rejected by the medical community. California can set a powerful example on the world stage if Governor Brown signs this bill into law.”

The Governor has not made his position on the bill public and refuses to comment on pending legislation, yet over 17,000 people have signed‘s petition on their way to 25,000. Before Brown can get his gubernatorial paws on the bill, however, lawmakers have to iron out any differences between the Assembly’s bill and a similar bill passed by the Senate in May.