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California School District Bullies Christian Parents Into Accepting Gay Tolerance Program

Congratulations to Vallejo, California, parents, who just cast themselves as the new stars of Intolerant American Communities, the reality show playing out across the country. There was that one episode in Norman, Oklahoma, where local community members spent hours in front of the city council arguing against recognizing October as LGBT History Month, which had 19-year-old Zach Harrington so devastated he killed himself. And now some parents of the Vallejo School District, north of San Francisco, are trying to end a two-year-old tolerance program — instituted after a high school girl was endlessly tormented — that has even kindergartners watching films about Those Gays. A whole slew of them showed up for the school board’s meeting this week, saying the mandatory program makes them the victims. Even students grabbed the mic for a chance to sound off: “This lifestyle shouldn’t be put upon me, or anybody,” said one. Too bad, voted the board: the program stays, and your intolerant households are welcome to as well.