California Schools To Teach Homo 101 (Yea!)

We would have loved a class on how to be gay; it would have saved us a lot of embarrassing dates with girls (and saved them from wasting time going out with fruits). Now California is considering a bill requiring school curriculum to include “the contributions of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender to the total development of California and the United States.” The bill would also prohibit teachers from saying anything “adversely” about homosexuality.

We are thrilled that California is implementing gayness into the curriculum, and we can only imagine what those classes will be like. Perhaps if we were a California school student in these days, we could have used The Rock Hudson Story for a book report. Because of course we read it, due to an temporary obsession with Doris Day. We’re not saying it makes sense, we’re just saying it happened.

Bill to require teaching of homosexuality in schools [Baptist Press] <---- obviously not a friendly article.