California’s Ad Wars Heat Up As Republicans Come Out Against 8

Hoping to sway the women’s vote in California, pro-gay group Republicans Against 8 today released an ad highlighting the GOP’s commitment to equality throughout history.

The commercial, called “Freedom Is A Republican Value,” focusses on President Nixon’s fight for athletic equality on universities and Reagan’s appointment of Sandra Day O’Connor, the commercial asserts the Republican party has always dedicated itself to equal access.

Says the soothing, motherly – yet young! – narrator:

The Republican party has always stood for freedom. Not taking it way. It took Republicans to grant women the right to vote. It took a Republican to give women equal access in college athletics. It took a Republican to defend the rights of California’s teachers. It took a Republican to put the first woman on the United States Supreme Court. And it will take a Republican to put a woman in the White House. The Republican Party stands Party of freedom, not taking it away. Join Arnold Schwarzenegger [and Mary Cheney!] and Republicans against 8 to defend freedom for all Californians. On November 4th, vote ‘No’ on 8.

The “rights of California’s teachers” refers to then-Governor Ronald Reagan’s “no” vote on the Briggs Initiative, which would have banned gays from teaching in the state’s public schools. It’s worth mentioning that Nixon was regarded as the nation’s least honest president – until the current Republican leader, of course.

Of the ad, which comes out the same day the “Yes on 8” folk released their first ad, spokesman Scott Schmidt remarks: “Just a Century ago, women had fewer rights than gays and lesbians
have today. It took Republican leadership to make progress in expanding rights for women. Members of our party should not turn their backs on that Grand Old legacy of promoting fairness and freedom.”

The woman in the White House bit strikes us as particularly interesting. Republicans Against 8 are, of course, referring to Sarah Palin, John McCain’s running mate. Will pro-gay women be swayed by an avowed anti-gay leader who would love nothing more than to prohibit abortions?

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  • JJ

    Not to harp on it, but these ads are expensive to run in a state with the population and size of California, and Ellen Degeneres hasn’t given a dime to the cause.

  • David

    How much have you given JJ???

  • Gianpiero

    Liberal democrat though I am, I’m glad to see this (the Palin part nothwithstanding). It will be good to have it in the mix, and I’m sure some Republicans will respond to the message.

  • JJ

    I wonder if Ellen has staffers on these blogs to post defensive comments. That can’t be cheaper than just prying open her wallet and giving to an essential cause. She should be ashamed of herself.
    She has so much money. I guess she’s not perfect. Remember that heteo-romantic comedy she made before she came out? lol


    And it took a Republican majority CA supreme court to legalize for now Same sex marriages.
    Good for them. Ain’t it the truth? Wasn’t a Republican governor the first to enact women’s suffrage?

    p.s And it will take a Republican party to put the first women in the White house!

  • Leland Frances

    Yes, last night Ellen & Portia used their Bel Air mansion to raise a MILLION dollars for….wait for it…..cows and chickens.

    Really, you have to watch the news clip at the link below to really appreciate how OBSCENE it is that she’s investing so much time and money in promoting California’s Prop 2 while just throwing a few words at Prop 8.

    S H A M E F U L ! ! ! ! !

    And WHERE’S Rosie…and Melissa…and Elton…and kd…and Greg Berlanti…and Gus Van Zant…ad nauseum?

  • HaditwithEllen

    Stopping cruelty to animals is fine…but you know when people don’t have equal rights and when they’re are children living in poverty and going hungry all over the world including here in the U.S.A., I’m thinking the PETA agenda is sounding pretty much not an absolute priority. That organization is fascist and hypocritical too, but I don’t really want to go there. I’m afraid of them. (Please don’t give them my email).

  • Jason

    When is Anderson Cooper going to bring his gay ass out of the closet???????????????????

  • Johan

    Leland, JJ, HaditwithEllen, et al.;

    I, for one, am glad Ellen (and other LGBT celebrities) aren’t getting involved. Its not their fight. They are not the face of LGBT America. They are not the ones your neighbors, family, and friends will be thinking of come November 4th.

    On that Tuesday, just six weeks away, votes will be cast based on what you have shown—that LGBT citizens are normal, happy, sane people who deserve the same civil rights as anyone else. So if Ellen donates or not to the effort, I could honestly care less. I’d prefer she not take the focus away from the people who are actually making a difference.

    You, on the other hand… We *need* you. We need you to volunteer, to talk to friends and family, and to show your community that you are committed to equality for everyone.

    Peace, Y’all.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    It seems that Churchill-y (He’s racist, he’s sorta gay, he’s a racist gay called “churchill-y”) unfurled himself from the foetal position long enough to bring the other voices in his head like JJ. Why the Ellen-bashing when it’s the defeat of Propostion 8? Oh, it’s the Republican Art of Distraction. They are trying for the Sarah Palin Bakersfield vote and all of those who see the Virgin Mary in a Slice of Pizza. This is California, a circus every election cycle so what’s a few more animals? I sincerely hope that minority communities are being targeted with outreach beyond Noe Valley.

    You know they are losing when Nixon is the “good guy.”

  • Jaroslaw

    It would be nice if Ellen donated money, but as a vegan, I hear this all the time. Something like “until the world is perfect for people I’m not going to support _________(fill in the blank)”

    NOTHING would ever get done then. The world will never be a perfect place, everyone cannot work on children’s issues etc. Words fail me right now, but I just want to say that of course I’m not saying a suffering chicken is on par with a suffering child. But everyone has to move as the “spirit” compels them to.

  • gaetano

    you californians are freaks,fags,and the most ignorant people in this world.Except for a very few, none of you have God in your life.Money is your whole world.One day california will disconnect from the United States and it will be the best thing to happen for this country. Don`t even think about comming to Texas.We would definately take you “OUT” No one in his right mind wants any of you idiots in their state.
    Do you get the message???????

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