California’s Marriage Equality Tour Will Not Feature Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers


And away they go! After the back-and-forth backlash from May’s Meet in the Middle “leadership summit,” California’s marriage equality leaders are preparing the Get Engaged Tour. It’s the state-wide effort with 80 planned gatherings to share the data from Poll 4 Equality and “obtain community insight and feedback on how to proceed in the next campaign.” So what’s this all about? To the soundbite!

Pamela Brown, Marriage Equality USA Policy Director: “This poll was created by a broad coalition of organizations representing communities of faith, people of color, labor, LGBT groups and straight allies and the Get Engaged Tour is intended to not only share this information but to obtain feedback from our grassroots community on our next initiative campaign. In today’s economy, our greatest strength is our people. Only through engaging a broad coalition of organizations and incorporating community feedback into how we move ahead can we ensure the next campaign will honor our families, represent our faith and reflect our diversity.”

Talking to the community see how to proceed! Ensuring it’s not a whitewashed, top-down approach to messaging and mobilizing! Involving the religious and secular worlds! If all this is starting to make your palms sweat with anticipation, there’s a whole Get Engaged Tour social network you can sign up with — which we’re sure is great for hooking up, too. But you better hurry: Tour dates are already taking place!