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If you call fitness guru Shaun T a bottom, prepare to be corrected

Shaun T | Photo: shauntfitness.com

Shaun T is the creator of popular fitness programs like Hip-Hop Abs and T25. He’s also a husband, father of two, and quite the kitchen dancer.

A clip of Shaun getting down–all the way down–to Cardi B’s “WAP” recently went viral when Cardi shared it to her own feed.

If this doesn’t inspire a little movement today, nothing will:

“Is like everybody knows how to do it but me -_-,” wrote Cardi. For the record, we just gave it a shot and can confirm that she’s not the only one who can’t pull off these moves yet.

That led to some cute comments, like this happy workout exchange:

And this off-topic-but-important-nonetheless observation:

But things got even more off-topic when one commenter made an assumption about Shaun that he was quick to correct:

Well now we know.

Here’s some more from Shaun’s IG:

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???Are you coming with me? Next Saturday will be the ULTIMATE TEST for you! 3 LIVE workouts where I will push your body and mind to the limit! (with @scottphotobombs modifying) and 3 internal motivational workshops to push your mind to the next level! Plus MUCH MUCH MORE ???? ? At 9am-3pmEST I will take you on the journey that will be the starting blocks to you conquering your mind even more. ShaunTfitness.com/dig deep! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS YALL! ?If you’ve been on the fence about this event, jump over with a huge community of people who have already signed up for the challenge! ? Just make sure you land softly and keep your core tight! LETS GOOOOOO!!! Link in bio! #digdeeper #adayofdiggingdeeper #live #community

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I don’t know why people frown at people showing off their ?! It’s like… “Oooo I got great abs and great arms" …but I can’t show off my ass? Well fuck that! On days when I don’t feel like the rest of my body likes me, I can always count on my ASSet and I will take any compliment you wanna throw my way. ? And Scott condones the compliments as well. ??{See 2nd frame ?} ? You just need permission to touch ? ?? In all seriousness though, what’s one body part you can lean on when you’re having a bad body image day and you love when people throw you a compliment? And yes it can be your eyes, hair or fingernails!? ?????? #bodyimage #bodypositivity #selflove #selfcare #loveyourself #humpday

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