Call For Morning Goods!

You may not believe us, but we read every single comment that comes our way. And we certainly read all the comments in the roaring debate surrouding yesterday’s Morning Goods. Some readers j’adored French model Jeremy Dufour, while others were less enthused. We were especially taken by this comment:

It’s clear from your choices the person(s) that select your “Morning Goods” are effete older queens with a penchant for trying to look 10 years younger than they really are. You’ve probably all had lots of bargain plastic surgery (think Nicholas Cage/Paris Hilton). Here’s a suggestion: Try finding a pair of shades that cover half your face you’ll save lots of money


The Morning Goods are, in fact, chosen by us: the Queerty Boys. We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we’re kind of cute and though we may kid, we’ve had no plastic surgery. So there. Anyway, we’ve decided to switch things by opening Morning Goods up to you, our darling readers, in two ways:

First, we invite all of your suggestions. That way you can see the boys you like – at our discretion, of course – and we can put an end to some of this kvetching. Second (and far more exciting, we think) we want readers to send in pictures of themselves, their lovers, their friends, etc. Send your pics our way, we’ll take a look, and if we think you’re Morning Goods material, we’ll feature you.