Call Me When The Chief Of Your Country Praises The Legalization Of Gay Marriage

In an interview with Los Desayunos de TVE, Spain’s prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who’s now serving his second term and seeks a third next year, declares, “The best thing is that you can change things, and the lives of people. I’ll always remember, for example, that with the gay marriage law … There have been many, many gay people who have approached me and thanked me: ‘Never forget, you’ve changed our lives, you’ve made us happy.’” And he’s been getting those thank yous for five years. I guess some heads of government evolve quicker than others.

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  • NY152

    And yet America claims to be the world leader….I don’t think so! It is really sad when a small country is able to do what is right for its people and yet this country can’t even agree to disagree. Praises for Spain in providing equality across the board regardless of orientation. I am losing faith in America, fast!!

  • robert in NYC

    Meanwhile, we get nowhere in this backward country of ours. Europe is where its at as well as Canada. Spain had a far more resistant state roman cult than most others and look what happened and we don’t even have state religion apparently.

  • John

    He’s waaaaaaay too liberal for my tastes in most things, but I’ve got to give him props for this. Bravo Zulu, Mr. Prime Minister. I wonder how many more decades it will take our political class to do likewise?

  • kayla

    Querido Sr. Zapatero, muchas gracias por el matrimonio gay, ahora, por favor marchese!!

  • Red Meat

    @NY152: Spain is not just some small country and its not surprising it is socially more progressive. Spain was the most powerful country in the world for about a century before the U.S and The British Empire. Their culture is years ahead of ours. Source: I go there almost every summer.

  • John (CA)

    He will probably lose in 2012 because of the economy.

    Whatever opinion one has of Prime Minister Zapatero’s policies, however, I think few would argue that he isn’t the epitome of class and civility. He even defended Jose Maria Anzar – his predecessor and a frequent critic of his administration – from a withering attack by fellow Socialist Hugo Chavez. It is very rare to see a politician alienating an ally in order to protect the honor of an enemy.

  • Jeff K.

    He’d better win. Rajoy and the opposition are thinking about repealing the marriage law.

  • whatever

    His predecessor was a Bush lackey who was gung ho for the Iraq debacle. When Zapatero became PM he removed Spanish troops from iraq. good for him on that too!

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