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Call Waiting Is Sooo Two Thousand-Late for Beyonce + Lady GaGa


Beyonce had a song called “Video Phone.” Lady GaGa has a song called “Telephone.” Why they opted not to include Britney Spears, who sings about “Phonography,” for their little team-up is a question we may never know the answer to. What the callabo looks like, however, we’ll learn when Hype Williams’s video of their duet premieres tonight at midnight.


We are not far from Jay-Z rapping over a Lady Gaga track. The GaGa already secured Madonna in her pop music takeover quest (or Madonna secured GaGa for her pop music rehabilitation tour) and now she’s got Beyonce — who is, arguably, the genre’s biggest star behind, or perhaps in front of, Ms. Spears — lending her cred. And her fans.

Things work in reverse as well; Beyonce appears on GaGa’s “Telephone” single, currently making the radio playlist rounds. Will one of these works become the next “Single Ladies”? Or “Just Dance”? Doubtful. But this intersection of lady tune-age will keep the gays warm all winter.

UPDATE: Here’s the full video.