Calling All Transgender Models, American Apparel Wants You

American Apparel is looking for new “transexy” models.

The L.A.-based chain  is known — among many things — for being pro-equality and trans-inclusive and even featured former America’s Next Top Model contestant Isis King as its first trans model in an ad campaign last year. Now, transgender and transexual models from all catwalks of life can get their chance to be exploited at fame — no experience required.

AA hosted a cast calling a few days ago in New York, but you can still scope out all of the potential competition for a model gig with American Apparel by following #aamodels, and keep your eyes on their Instagram for the next open call.

h/t: HuffPo 

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  • Katbox

    AA is so trendy now.
    Catering the worst group of individuals- tweens.
    They used to have simple over-priced clothing and now it’s all skinny jeans and pseudo-hipster nonsense.

  • Brian

    American Apparel is gross and disgusting. I certainly don’t want American Apparel as an ally.

    Its advertising is sexist towards women.

  • 2eo

    Today I have learnt American Apparel and Abercrombie & Fitch are not the same company. I’d say shocked, but that would infer a reaction other than a slightly raised eyebrow.

    Good on AA.

  • boring

    You cut off the part of the callsheet that said “P.S. No fatties.”

    Which, by Queerty standards, is A-OK.

  • Saralikesyarr


    Uhh.. sexism is kinda hot Brian.

    I like it. *grins*

    I’m happy to be a bisexual submissive woman. *grins*

    Ooooh, I bet that might offends some feminists. *wicked grin*

    Here’s the thing though, women’s rights, and women’s equality means we have the right as women to be ourselves, however we are.

    There’s nothing wrong with submitting to a guy, or another woman partner.

    And there’s nothing wrong with targeting a target audience as a company.

    We are not all featureless clones.

    I am perfectly happy to be treated as chattel, by my Dominant partner, whatever the sex or gender or no gender they may be.

    And as a woman with equal rights, that’s my right and free choice.

    AA’s advertizing is only “sexist” towards Dominant women. But then again they’re not targeting dominant women as their market, now are they.

    There’s plenty of other clothing brands that target to that market, such as Victoria’s Secret, etc.

    Frankly, as a submissive woman, I’m getting a little tired of all the clothing brands seemingly making much or all of their clothing in strong dominant colors, cuts and patterns.

    It’s kindof insulting to think all women are of the same D/s orientation, or that we all want to be “equals” to our parters. There are plenty of gay guys who want a nice slave boy, and don’t want them to be “equal”, so I don’t really see why that’s not ok for women.

    Screw that. I’m proud to be a submissive queer woman, and I enjoy it when people are sexist to me.

  • Saralikesyarr

    Oh, and AA is awesome for bringing in Trans models.

    Reminds myself to buy from them more. They already make really nice T’s and thigh-highs.

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