Calling Cubs Fans ‘Faggots’ Is Hysterical for White Sox Fans


THE SHOT — The bumper sticker spotted by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper at a Chicago Cubs game, where homophobic taunts are still all the rage. Writes Roeper:

“I saw this one quite often, on T-shirts, signs and bumper stickers: Get it? Sox fans are winners, but Cubs fans are GAY. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. A company called Chi-City Tees is among the many online vendors offering variations on this theme. Their pitch for the $19.95 T-shirt says: ‘The hottest and truest T-shirt on the South Side. We all know the Cubs have their parade . . . gay . . . and the Sox had theirs . . . championship parade.’ In the men’s room on Friday, after the game: Sox fan walks in, does an exaggerated prance and shouts in a lispy voice, ‘I’m a Cubs fan, where are the gay bars?’ He says this about 10 times, over and over, until a Cubs fan in line finally says, ‘Why don’t you go home and beat your wife?’ The response from Mr. Genius: ‘Maybe I will!'”