Calling Cubs Fans ‘Faggots’ Is Hysterical for White Sox Fans


THE SHOT — The bumper sticker spotted by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper at a Chicago Cubs game, where homophobic taunts are still all the rage. Writes Roeper:

“I saw this one quite often, on T-shirts, signs and bumper stickers: Get it? Sox fans are winners, but Cubs fans are GAY. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. A company called Chi-City Tees is among the many online vendors offering variations on this theme. Their pitch for the $19.95 T-shirt says: ‘The hottest and truest T-shirt on the South Side. We all know the Cubs have their parade . . . gay . . . and the Sox had theirs . . . championship parade.’ In the men’s room on Friday, after the game: Sox fan walks in, does an exaggerated prance and shouts in a lispy voice, ‘I’m a Cubs fan, where are the gay bars?’ He says this about 10 times, over and over, until a Cubs fan in line finally says, ‘Why don’t you go home and beat your wife?’ The response from Mr. Genius: ‘Maybe I will!’”

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  • Paul

    And the e-mail address for this craptastic little company would be: [email protected]. Have at it, boys.

  • Adam Woods

    incidentally, our President is a White Sox fan

  • edgyguy1426

    Yeah we get it all the time, Wrigley Field is the World’s Largest Gay Bar and U.S. Cellular Field is home to the guys in the wife-beaters. I’ve also seen stick figures of guys giving blow jobs and Sox Fans underneath. Ditto most likely Yankees-Mets, Yankees-Red Sox. Most likely the shirt Roeper was talking about referred to the fact that if you’re gay you say you live in Boy’s Town, but if you’re straight you say you live in Wrigleyville.


  • Captain Freedom (HRC doesn't speak for me)

    @Adam Woods: Its so funny you mention that. Ironically, Obama is actually a Cubs fan. In 2005 when both teams were up against each other he said on a podcast that he believes the White Sox are too upper class while the Cubs represent hard working real Chicagoans! At least he picked the right baseball team!

  • Captain Freedom (HRC doesn't speak for me)


  • Dennis

    What’s funny/sad about this is that in Chicago, Wrigleyville (Cubs town) and Boys Town are right next to each other…and the truth is that, in the space of a only few blocks, things change from generally well-ordered and pretty awesome (Boys Town/Halsted Street) to a (sorry) godforsaken drunken breeder mess around Cubs stadium whenever there’s a baseball game…

    I’m never prouder of my fellow gays, than when I leave the confines of one of our GLBT enclaves, and witness the general destruction and drunken pandemonium that seem all too common in straight party spots. I’m sure it’s the same in many other cities…

    Staights just ain’t got no class, I guess….

  • edgyguy1426

    @Captain Freedom (HRC doesn’t speak for me): Don’t believe the Obama Cub’s fan rumor:
    Obama, a Southsider, was asked by ESPN’s Stuart Scott what would happen if both the Cubs and the White Sox made it to the World Series.

    “I would be going,” Obama said.

    “Who would you root for?” Scott asked.

    “Oh, that’s easy,” Obama replied. “White Sox.

    “I’m not one of these fair weather fans,” the junior senator from Illinois and presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party explained. “You go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, beautiful people up there. People aren’t watching the game. It’s not serious. White Sox, that’s baseball. Southside.”

  • edgyguy1426

    @Captain Freedom (HRC doesn’t speak for me): Just read your last bit again.. The White Sox play in a very blue-collar neighborhood attracting your working joe the plumber types.It’s where the mayor is from. The Cubs in Wrigleyville are in a very gentrified white collar neighborhood, so if anything Obama was referring to the Cubs fans as being too upper class and the White Sox fans being the hard working real Chicagoans. Yup, I’m a diehard Sox fan and up until he took WH residence he never went anywhere without that Sox cap. Cubs fans wouldn’t be caught dead in a Sox hat and vice versa-

  • Kay Fierce

    Who cares? It’s another situation where straight men use homophobia to attack their adversaries, yet are oblivious to how homoerotic the sport they’re rooting for is.

  • Captain Freedom (HRC doesn't speak for me)

    Wow! I really f**ked that one up. My bad. I got the wrong team.

    Even so I know nothing about this because its baseball and like football and basketball it is for straight people. We gays should stick with sports we’re familiar with like soccer, swimming, wrestling, and shirtless rugby.

  • Andrew

    sad, but this is just stupid people trying to capitalize on the rivalry. If you reduce the term “gay” to mean every crassly stereotypical knock, then I guess it could fit (I’m a Sox fan). Still, I consider it a bit of an insult to say I have something in common with a Cubs fan :)

  • SFNative

    @Kay Fierce:

    Who cares? I do! LGBT teenagers are 5 times more likely to consider committing suicide than non LGBT teenagers. That alone is enough for me to fight any kind of homophobia. LGBT people are being persecuted, and if you say “Who cares?”, then you’re very naive if you think they will stop at using anti-gay slurs and not progress towards hate crimes.

  • SFNative

    @Captain Freedom (HRC doesn’t speak for me):

    We gays should stick with sports we’re familiar with like soccer, swimming, wrestling, and shirtless rugby? Are you scared to infiltrate the other sports of baseball, basketball and football? Are you ignorant of gay people who like the other sports? Shouldn’t we be integrating EVERYWHERE? How much do full equal civil human rights REALLY matter to you?

  • Captain Freedom (HRC doesn't speak for me)

    @SFNative: WOW! I was KIDDING! Can’t you take a joke? Stop being so damn uppity and living up to every gay stereotype. I was making a joke about gays and mainstream sports. I admit I could have phrased it to sound more like a joke.

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