Calvin Klein’s Ex-Boy Toy Nick Gruber To Write Tell-All

Calvin Klein’s former beau Nick Gruber is apparently “writing” a tell-all book about their two-year relationship called What Came Between Me and My Calvin.

It’s not so much that Gruber, a porn actor turned muse, can read and write that’s the surprise—it’s that he took a line from an ad campaign that predates his birth by a good decade or so as the title. (Would he even recognize Brooke Shields in a lineup?)

Gruber, 22 and his May-December-of-next-year relationship with Klein, 69, was not without its hiccups: Gruber was arrested for drug possession and assault, and most recently seen courting Girls Gone Wild babe Chelsea Heath.

Source: Boy Culture

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  • sheena

    hes BUY sexual

  • Mike

    I can’t wait to see what color crayon he uses!

  • MikeE

    oh my!
    the catty wit is out in numbers!

    (both winning comments, in my book)

  • ron

    This “book” wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

  • MikeE

    I wonder if the book will come in packages of 12, conveniently rolled up, for easy “reading” in the bathroom?

  • mike

    Guess he must be behind in his bills. Same-day bargain-bin at B&N.

  • Larkin

    pleez bitches, you only get paid once and you need to milk it for all it’s worth.

    I say, ‘go girl’ and get paid for having to suck 70 year old cock!

  • Larkin

    pleez bitche5, you only get paid once and you need to milk it for all it’s worth.

    I say, ‘go girl’ and get paid for having to suck 70 year old c0ck!

  • Caleb

    I’m very surprised that Calvin didn’t make him sign a confidentiality order.

  • Charlie

    Ooooh not classy. I defer to Dan Savage’s “Tea and Sympathy” rule. The line from the film film being referenced:

    “Years from now when you talk about this, and you will, be kind.”

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I’ll wait for the movie. I hear Chi Chi LaRue will direct.

  • tom

    Why would someone be so mean to his granpa, damn kids today

  • Rockery

    Calvin is absolutely hideous. Nick deserves some cash, ugh, he looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

  • anon

    “Gruber, 22 and his May-December-of-next-year relationship with Klein, 69, was not without its hiccups”……….OUCH. Lord, I pounded the table and stomped my feet for a good two minutes at that one.

    With the millions of dollars that queen (Calvin) is worth it would have been cheaper to
    simply hand him (Gruber) a grand or two per night for his services and let that near washed up, soon-to-be bareback twink porn star go on about his business. If I am not mistaken I think I do remember something about Calvin having bought this twerp….er, um, twink, a Lamborghini (or it’s equivalent) and bitched about his not remembering the way home the day he got it. I always looked for it in front of the only bathhouse left in Manhattan but never saw it (that’s not to say he didn’t park it in a local garage and walked around the corner).

    This is one book I know I will pass on.

  • Lifer

    How long does one get to be 22??

  • dvlaries

    I’m saving my money for Peter Benjaminson’s long-awaited, November biography of Mary Wells, a Motown leading light before The Supremes, who contributed enduring good music to American culture, with no need to be a public tart about it.
    Good luck with your own wade into the literary world, Mr. Gruber.

  • Ewoks R Us

    I wonder who the ghost writer is?

  • JohnnyBoy

    I hope Nick set up a bank account when they were together. Dating Calvin Klein it would be a shame to have nothing to show for it.

  • DirtyOleMan

    Calvin, Calvin as I have said before, what did you two do after the sex? There had to be nothing in common except the money

  • Spike

    Great, another ‘sober’ faux celebrity that thinks their life while doing drugs and alcohol was so interesting that it needs to be put in writing and that some how what they have learned will help others. I wonder how many pages will include pictures?

  • the other Greg

    I like to imagine Nick walking along the High Line park, glassy-eyed after a long night of “partying.” A Queerty staffer comes along and doesn’t recognize him and asks, “What kind of underwear is this guy wearing?”

  • Cam

    A good idea for him to sell more copies of this book would be to find a time machine and go back to 1984 when Klein was actually a household name.

    As for now…gee, lets see. We already know he was in porn, we already know Klein is gay, we already know there is an age difference and we already know that there were drugs involved in the relationship.

    Yeah, there sure is a TON of stuff he can relveal. (Eye Roll).

  • Cam

    @Ewoks R Us:

    Well his ex looks like he’s a few days away from being a ghost so he probably made some contacts while they were dating.

  • Spike

    @the other Greg: Brilliant! And it turns out, he’s going commando.

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