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Cambodia’s First Lesbian Movie A Hit (With 4,000 Viewers)


“Cambodia’s first-ever movie featuring a taboo lesbian love story has been a surprising hit during its first week in theatres, the film’s writer said Thursday. Phoan Phuong Bopha said the two-hour Who Am I? about a Cambodian-American woman infatuated with a famous Cambodian actress has so far attracted some 4,000 viewers — a blockbuster for the country’s tiny movie industry. ‘This film have been successful beyond our expectations while the film industry has declined. This film draws great attention,’ Phoan Phuong Bopha said. The movie tells the tale of two women falling in love over a series of long-distance telephone conversations, with the Cambodian-American travelling to Cambodia to meet the star, she said. But the feature ends in tragedy when the man the actress’s parents want her to marry tracks the pair down.” [AFP]