this too shall pass?

Camilla has been having a rough go at it lately and the ghost of Diana is no doubt very pleased

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Lingering side effects from a COVID-19 breakthrough infection earlier this year have caused her to cancel several public appearances as she continues to recover from the virus.

“It’s taken three weeks and still can’t get shot of it,” Camilla, who is triple vaccinated, told Hello! earlier this month. “Probably my voice might suddenly go, and I might start coughing and spluttering.”

So that sucks. But at least she’s on the mend!

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On top of that, new reports that she feels as though she’s being “overshadowed” by Kate Middleton have begun circulating.

Last month, Queen Elizabeth II marked her Platinum Jubilee by surprising everyone and announcing that it was her “wish” for Camilla to be known as Queen Consort rather than Princess Consort, as was previously agreed upon.

The news caused quite a stir on social media, with many vowing never to refer to the Duchess as their “Queen.”

Now, royal expert Russell Myers tells that, despite Camilla eagerly preparing to become Queen Consort ahead of Kate, her future subjects are refusing to take her seriously.

“People will look to Kate before Camilla,” Myers says. “The interest has gathered at such a pace with William and Kate that people do see them as the next custodians.”

We can’t imagine that makes the 74-year-old queen-to-be feel very good.

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Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.

Because Prince Harry recently inked a book deal with Penguin Random House to write a tell-all memoir and there are concerns within the family about how he’s going to treat the woman many feel is responsible for breaking up his parents’ marriage.

A source recently told The Sun that Charles fears Harry’s book will be an “excoriating takedown of Camilla” and that he’s “shared his concerns with William” and hopes he “sticks up for Camilla should the book attack her.”

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“There are concerns about Harry disrespecting Camilla and, god forbid, disrespecting perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge,” royal gossip columnist Kinsey Schofield told GB News earlier this month. “I do think this is a mistake for Prince Harry.”

Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior royals in January 2020. Their withdrawal was followed by a string of criticisms about their experiences with the Royal Family, including a lack of support and racist treatment, which Camilla was reportedly not happy about.