Camp 101

club kids

It’s a shame that Camp 101, Queerty’s favorite line of cards, hears from many gay shops across the country that their line of cards are “tired, passé, been done.” That makes us mad. Nothing says “I Love You,” “Congratulations,” or “Happy Birthday” like the Club Kids.

Camp 101 sells those goofy, gay shop cards with garish fonts and overdone drag queens. And we have newfound respect for them. We’re so done giving out overly stylized greeting cards. Tackiness and bad taste is a lost art form. Watch Female Trouble and get back to us.

The best thing about Camp 101 card is their documentation of early 90s NYC nightlife. After all they sell gorgeous black and white blank note cards featuring Michael Alig, funny cards featuring Lady Bunny and Mona Foot, many, many years ago, and a few with Heatherette’s Richie Rich before he started hanging out with Paris Hilton.

Order a few sets and give them to your friends who have a deep appreciation for the heyday of the NYC club world and those who embrace, and not shun, camp.

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