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  • Seriously?

    Oh lord help us. Is AFER going to become another HRC? Crowing all over the place about advances and successes they don’t have anything to do with? Let other groups do the work and then issue the press release claiming victory?

    What, pray tell, has AFER done in Washington, Maryland, Colorado, New Jersey or West Virginia? What has AFER done besides file one lawsuit? Please just talk about your own work, then STFU. We already have one bloated organization run by wealthy white guys more interested in throwing parties and raising money than actually winning any rights. We don’t need another.

  • WillBFair

    I thought marraige in WA was a strategic mistake. We already had an excellent civil unions law. So marraige on got as a title change. And it could bring the haters out of the woodwork to vote against the dems. There is too much at stake in this election, and we shouldn’t have thrown a wrench into the works with a purely symboloc law.

  • 1equalityUSA

    I like AFER because they fight like we are right. Legal eagles need to land. They handled Prop 8 well. Small steps, incremental wins that set the stage for equality. They fought when others were pants-shitting about setting our movement back 20 years. I’m very appreciative of their efforts and send my dollars only to them now. Olson and Boise are heroes. Their pictures should grace a wall of every GLBT persons’ home who are enduring this fight. As for the title of marriage, we should not accept anything less. This is a civil contract. Religion has no place in contractual matters.

  • WillBFair

    Excuse me everybody. Of course without full equality (including marriage equality) we are not treated as genuine American Citizens — which we have every right to be — instead we are treated as strangers to not only our significant others but strangers to the protections of the law as well.

    I’m sorry I have been a total asshole when I posted that Civil Unions were the same as marriage. That is like comparing separate lunch counters during the bad old days of racial segregation. Some moron back then could have (and probably did) say that it should not have made a difference too — after all the food was the same, you just could not sit with the white folks. What’s the big deal? …So, yes, marriage is not just a empty “symbolic” piece of paper, and no counterfeit alternative to marriage is acceptable.

    I have pulled my head out of my ass now and I admit that I was wrong before. Forgive me.

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