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Can 4Chan Help Track Down This Portland Gay Basher Who Left His Victim Unconscious?

Police have released this sketch of an unknown gay bashing suspect — described as ” 6’1, muscular, white with freckles, and blond” — who attacked a Portland, Oregon, man walking home at night on Nov. 1. The victim descended from a pedestrian walkway over train tracks, where his attacker, who was seated on a bike and accompanied by another man on a bike, “made remarks” about his sexual orientation before beating him unconscious; he’s since been released from the hospital. Police are releasing this sketch a month after the attack because initial leads didn’t pan out.

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  • Francis

    4chan can help find anyone, if they want to. You’ll have to catch them on a day when they’re bored and want something to do. Although I don’t know why you mentioned 4Chan in the title since it’s nowhere in the article itself…

  • samthor

    ….and 4chan is in the title because….?


    Ahh the ever so viligant detail oriented Queerty staff!!! Too busy to ever reply to posters Emails but not too busy to post a headline which has absolutley nothing to do with the story the headline with the non related title is about………….

  • Hilarious

    Yeah 4chan the site that hurls slurs like they’re getting paid for it from “fag” to “nigger” everyone’s included. They make racist and homophobic pictures and commentary all day long and generally have nothing interesting to talk about, yet you think they’ll care about Queerty, or randomly helping some guy for no reason.

    Why don’t you ask Stormfront for help next?

  • On The Road

    Even by Queerty’s standards this article is extremely lacking.

  • Kev C

    Some sort of albino gorilla is on the loose in Portland, OR. Trained to ride a bicycle, he may have escaped from a circus. Citizens should be on the look out.

  • A gnarly moose

    Fail, fail, fail.

    Anon isn’t going to leave the basement and walk around in the streets of Portland. Too far from the computer, too far from the fridge.

    What anon WILL do is utterly ruin this guy if you find a facebook photo.

  • Francis

    From experience they’re not all horrible. They will fight for what they think is right. They were and probably still are the people fighting Scientology the strongest. They dislike the methods of the RIAA and anything that deals with ACTA so they fighter against that. If there’s a cause that catches Anon’s eye they fight for it. Not sure this is one of them though. I’ve never really heard of them coming out against anti-gay people or trying to mess with their websites or anything…

    That’s pretty much what I meant, they’ll scour facebook for him. They’ve done it for less. A friend of mine posted a pic of some guy in his class with a stupid haircut and a put a stupid caption on it. Within the day they found his myspace and absolutely killed it with comments and requests and what have you.

  • Wyatt


    You need to hangout more on 4chan if you actually believe there’s emotion and negativity behind their use of slurs. When the site owner himself is gay and beloved, and when they call themselves old and newfags, you really shouldn’t read too much into the homophobia. There’re gay threads everyday all over the place and multiple gay boards. The rampant use of slurs makes them terms of endearment, rather than insults.

    As for this man, he’s been doxed already.

  • Casper_O

    I truly believe in the power of internet “street” justice.
    I bet you if any board on 4Chan feels like taking this guy down there is no stopping them.
    Could you please?

  • ugh

    not charmed

  • TripleB

    Expecting 4chan to help in this gay case is like expecting The New Black Panthers for help.

  • adam

    @Hilarious: Don’t really see how Stormfront is comparable to a website where a huge chunk of the visitors are actually pretty damn gay.

    Though I doubt they’d bother if it isn’t about abused kittens or puppies.

  • ugh

    Christ, if those loathsome little creeps like the gay, I’m not so sure I like the gay myself anymore.

    The place is just vile. Homophobic or not, the child porn is not a joke — it’s real.

    They can win points with me by disappearing, not by making nice.

  • pantherq

    Why did they wait till now to release this?

  • SpiffyShindigs

    Not seeing the link to 4chan with this, but random pet peeve:

    /b/ is not all of 4chan. A lot of 4chan is actually bound by rules and whatnot. I wouldn’t go there at work, but it can be pretty legit.

    Also, ITT, people who don’t understand trolling, and therefore 4chan.

  • Anon

    No cats were harmed.

    Anon will be uninterested.

  • ugh

    ITT, people who don’t understand trolling, and therefore 4chan

    Oh, now I get it — so the photographs of toddlers being fucked were only posted in an attempt to shock me. I guess the joke’s on me. How clever.

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