Can a Former State Senator Oust Portland Mayor Sam Adams?


Here’s hoping Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams didn’t think he was off the hook after the first effort to recall him — for lying about his romance with Beau Breedlove during the election — failed. ‘Cause now a former state senator wants his head!

Ex-Sen. Avel Gordly says she’s launching a second recall to remove Adams from his post. And Gordly is gonna use paid staffers to do so.

You’ll recall Jason Wurster’s first effort, which relied on volunteers, didn’t score the necessary 32,183 signatures to trigger a new election. Wurster didn’t file any signatures with the City Auditor’s Office.

Ever the public servant, Gordly’s mission is understandable: she wants honest-ish folks serving the people. Or does Gordly herself want to be Portland’s new mayor?