Can America Handle Gay ‘Idol’?

The Associated Press continues to revel in gay Idol fever.

Today, the news agency asks whether or not the public can handle having an openly homo American Idol contestant. Former participant and current queer Jim Verranos insists the show’s moving closer toward a closet-free environment, “It feels like we’re closer now than ever to having an openly gay contestant on the show…I feel like there are some definite possibilities for this to happen this year.” Well, yeah. It’s not as if former stripper Daniel Hernandez can deny his homosexuality now, right? (And don’t front like he could be gay-for-pay. We’re not buying it.)

Homo-journo Michael Jensen of AfterElton flame isn’t so much concerned with Americans’ reactions, but with the show’s internal attitudes:

The show hasn’t seemed very conducive or gay friendly to contestants coming out. Simon and Randy have not hesitated to mock effeminate contestants and crack the occasional gay joke. It has not communicated to contestants that it would be a good place to come out.

That’s definitely a valid point, although some of those queens make for such easy punchlines!

Idol producers told the AP that they don’t comment on contestant’s personal lives, but the news agency reminds readers that Idol thrives on weekly back stories. Why none of those have been pink-tinged remains a matter of contention.