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Can Chelsea Handler Be a Gay Advocate While Dating Homophobe 50 Cent?

After being photographed together Sunday night at Blue Nile Jazz Bar in New Orleans, noted anti-gay tweeter 50 Cent and alleged gay ally Chelsea Handler are “confirmed” (by unidentified sources) to be dating. No wonder she’s not winning any GLAAD awards.

It was only a year ago Chelsea was saying: “I’m like a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, and that’s exactly why the gays and I get along so well. We have the same attitude, which is ‘fuck everybody and let’s say exactly what we think.’ I understand somebody who doesn’t exactly fit in, somebody who’s struggled or felt embarrassed, ashamed, or not confident in who they are. Growing up, I got tortured and made fun of, but that makes you a lot stronger. And now, obviously, I’m very popular.”

And now she’s dating a guy that’s helping teach young kids to torture and make fun of others. Hope he’s at least good in bed, Chels.

UPDATE: Handler takes to Twitter to deny a romance; their meeting was just business.

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