Can Comedy Central Upset Conservatives Without South Park? Sure, With a Jesus Cartoon

C’mon, now Comedy Central is just taunting the Parents Television Council: The network has the animated cartoon series JC in development. “It depicts Christ as a ‘regular guy’ who moves to New York to ‘escape his father’s enormous shadow.’ His father is presented as an apathetic man who would rather play video games than listen to his son talk about his new life.” You really want buzz, Comedy Central? Give Jesus a Wall Street boyfriend who moonlights as a Hell’s Kitchen drag queen.

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  • ousslander

    jesus has been a regular character on south park since the beginning. Christians might yell ans scream and protest but I haven’t read of any of them threatening death to anyone and actually following through with those threats.


    Talk about controversial ‘toons……..Anyone else view the Family Guy’s 150th episode this past Sunday??? I almost got physically sick viewing Bryan eating the poo out of Stewies diaper, and then rimming his ass clean………..Seth McFarlane is slipping into dementia!!

  • Baxter

    I’ve always found that most conservatives really liked South Park because it was so un-PC and supports libertarian ideas. Obviously evangelicals probably weren’t fans (they don’t seem to like anything), but contrary to popular opinion not all conservatives are evangelicals.

  • emb

    Will he have a little animated Muslim friend who lives down the street named, oh I dunno, Muhammed? Or are we too worried that someone might do something more than boycott our network?

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